Good Old Jeremy

So 21.000 or so complained about old Jeremy, I say good on him. He has said what most likely many more people think about this. Those that did strike have the most lucrative pensions in the whole of the UK. They pay very little in and get loads back, and they want more. In this economic age wake up and smell the roses. I have to pay in loads more then they do and I'll get loads LESS back. Good on you Jeremy


On my way to work yesterday I was quite happily going down the slip road on the M4 towards the Langley junction when some dozy pratt in a Clio decided to take the ramp as well. The only thing was that when he decided to do that he was in the outside lane and moved across all the lanes without indicating and almost wiping me out in the process. Then he continues to drive along like nothing has happened, some people must have got their license from a Corn Flakes packet.


Bulgarian (Screw)Drivers

The usual state of play on Friday, sitting in a jam on the M25 and crawling along to the M1 Junction. As I sat in the off ramp crawling at about 10mph a Bulgarian lorry flew past me on the Hard Shoulder, this idiot was going flat out. All I managed to get was the BG on back of his license plate and the back of the trailer. This is some moron who thinks that the hard shoulder is another lane and couldn't wait like the rest of us to join the M1. This has considerably lowered my opinion of Eastern European drivers. we all have bad moments when we drive but this was sheer lunacy.


Well, I'm slowly getting used to my new shift(s). One long week with just one day off and then a sort of a short week with 3 days off. Thought it would have been a bit harder to get this going but it's not so bad with the exception that I don't see my other half very much and finishing at 01:30 on the short week is the main downer.


What is the point................yesterday was nice and sunny so what in the gods name are people doing driving with their FOG lights on top of their headlights. Are they hoping for a patch of fog to appear sudden like, OK some Volvo's do have the lights on full time but fog lights.


Just done two long weeks of my rotational duty and boy did I need the weekend off, up and down the M1 was becoming routine and going through the roadworks was almost a non existent blur of sort. Complacency was starting to settle in and I'm glad this week is a bit short and the route differs.


Not much to post lately but yeterday few things got me thinking.
  • On my way to work on the M25 things were a bit slow with cars and lorries jockeying for position, eventually I found out why. a person of a certain heritage was crawling along in the second lane at a paltry speed of 40mph (quite possibly 45mph). Then as I came of the J14 to cut through Colnbrook to get to a BP petrol station another person of the same heritage realised that they went down the wrong road and decided to REVERSE up the road and reverse onto the roundabout. For crying out loud where do they get their licenses from, Corn Flakes packet. We all have a 'senior' day once in a while but this is a regular occurrence.


New route all signed for and did my first shift yesterday. Not bad except a few hang about times. Feeling a bit knackered today so we'll have to see how it all feels at the end of the week.


Oh its so good to have the 'old' unit back again. Last night I had the 'pleasure' of driving my old unit. Drove this unit for few months and got to know the quirky things about it and to get my hands on it yesterday made my day.


All change please, the anual changeover is all but done and me being so far down the pecking order I didn't hope for a decent shift. Although I've been doing a good one for the past few weeks and had hopes of keeping it but another more senior driver got his hands on it. So I now have a 2 week split shift.
It will be interesting to see how long I can hang on before I'm so knackered I'll need either a change or some holiday. Vast majority is motorway driving so it shouldn't be that knackering.


An eventful time on the M3, J13

 A big thank you to the driver of the Container Artic who decided to come up my inside and then try to bully another lorry driver in the inside lane to go faster. Then the same donkey decides that he wants to be in my lane and after indication starts to move across, what he forgot to do was to look in his mirror and see that his trailer wheels were just about level with my cab and he almost wiped me out at 50pmh, after a blast on the horn and a stomp on my brakes he moved across and in the process showed me his appriciation with a hand gesture.

Donkeys like him need to be taken of the road before they kill someone.


Rant & Rave about Sky

A few months ago we decided to upgrade to Sky+, the installers came and did their stuff but had a few things to do to get this how they say it. Unknown to me (they decided without even bothering to ask me) to cut one of the cables coming from my Digital Ariel. This cable feed the upstairs TV which at that time we didn't have working as the old set decided to stop working, so I didn't pay any attention to seeing if the set was receiving any transmission. Few days ago we decided to purchase a small TV for the bedroom, so unpacked and pluged it. Then the auto tune statred, No Signal was flashing on the TV screen, what the hell is going on. I had a look in the atic to see if all the cables were OK and then called the chap who installed our Arelial.

He came round today to have a look and did the same thing, had a look in the atic first of all to see if the cables were OK, all was fine. He then began to look outside and guess what he found. The Sky installers had cut the cable, neatly tucked in to the hole to make sure I didn't notice anything wrong, then carried on as nothing had happened. I called Sky and tried to complain but the initial contact was somewhere in India and the guys English was so bad that i couldn't understand him and he was repeating everuthing that i said. When I eventually got through to a UK based service they (SKY) were NOT interested. Oh no it couldn't have been anyone from SKY and we are NOT going to help you out in any way. Write to us and we'll put this on a pile and eventually you'll forget about this.

So now I'm going to take Legal action as what they did was Malicious and Wilful Damage to my property, I did try to come to some arrangement with the 'Manager' but as usual he was reading from a script and just wasn't prepared to do anything.




I think that statement says it all, one in particular, got his details and I think it is about time that DVLA was informed of the standard of his driving or severe lack of them


Ah the joys of a new, well newish unit. Had to swap my unit as the mileage was getting a bit high and to be honest I'm much more happy with the one that I've got now. Just for once i can adjust the seat how I want it to be and it's much more comfortable, no more aching legs when I get out of the cab. It has also got a bit more guts than the old one even though the HP is the same (410bhp). As long as the AC works, which it does I'm happy, the only thing is wrong with it that the seat can't be locked and it bounces up and down.


What gives here, almost every day this happens. When people approach a speed camera why do they insist of slowing down to 10mph below the speed limit and causing a traffic jam. FFS it won't go off if you go past it at the set speed.


Few days ago as I was driving to my drop I came out of the Euston Tunnel and as usual ground to a halt. Then something caught my eye, on the pavement a person wearing a full length ball gown with matching elbow length gloves and a tiara along with a curly blond hairdo was walking towards Euston Station. What the hell I thought, what is she up to, then the bomb shell, the person turned around and although they were wearing dark glasses the unmistakable features of a MAN appeared. Got to admit that he had 'balls' in more ways than one for wearing all that stuff, gave me a good laugh and made my day.


Oh man, one small hole and the whole of London comes to a standstill. All-right not a small hole exactly but a burst water pipe. Almost outside Baker street Tube Station, after crawling for 3.5 hours on the A40 I finally got to the problem and when I saw that only 2 lanes were closed I thought that all this will be over shortly. How wrong can you get, the 2 bods did let all the buses through but when poor old me approached the traffic lights they plonked down their cones and directed me left. Just follow the redirected signs and when you get to the 2nd road on the right turn in there and you'll come out by the Planetarium. Fair do but when I approached the said road I notice a slightly large tree with branches just a bit lower than my 14ft 7in trailer, so off we go straight on, following the other redirected signs. Jolly trip around Regents Park and rejoin the A501 just outside Great Portland street Tube Station. Would you believe it the Euston Tunnel was clear and in a few minutes I arrived in Farmington Road. 'You're a bit late mate', well what do you expect with that great blooming hole in the road. Not bad I thought, must be some sort of a record, left Heathrow at 09:30 and arrived at 13:20. Decided to see if a snapshot of this mess could be taken and hoping for a red light, but this is all I could manage.


Friday morning seemed to get off to a good start, when I arrived to collect my load there was only enough for a single deck. Brill I thought, this looks like a promising day, then things went astray. On the Marleborne Road a street sweeper broke down, tailbacks to just before Paddington ramp. as I was creeping down the Edgware Rd flyover I saw in the distance the flashing lights of the recovery lorry. Great stuff, now things will speed up a bit, arrived in Farringdon Rd depot and offloaded. Then back to the yard for a break, the second trip was even better, got there without much ado but the trip back was another matter. A40 solid, M25 even worse, took me 2.5hrs to get from Farringdon Road to Hanger Lane, very short on driving time so had to do a detour to one of our depots for a break. Back in the yard for 8pm, all in all a very interesting if not usual Friday.


Ah the joys of being constantly cut up by Mini Cabs and then them trying it on like it was my fault. Sometimes I wonder what possess people to drive like that and how many of them are actually legal on the road. It seems like every other car on London has a Mini Cab sticker on the windscreen.


What's with the Tipper Lorry drivers, haven't seen one yet who will drive in a normal fashion. Always pushing the limits of their lorries and other people's patience. Coming back to Langley on Friday I was just about to move into the left lane on the M40 to take me to the off ramp to the M25 when I spotted a tipper trying to undertake me. As he was way back I managed to get into the correct lane and then get to the ramp. At that point there are 2 lanes, one going South and other going North. Pulling a Double decker I slowed down and the tipper went past me in the other lane, this would indicate that he would be going North. Guess what, at the chevrons he decides that he needs to be in my lane and swings over, somewhere about 15-20Ft in front of me. Trundles of totally oblivious to what he's done. The stupid thing was that he was going to a Biffa site which is about 400 yds from our depot and he arrived one car in front of me. This guy is dangerous and I'll post his reg number later on as it is in my unit.


Why oh why do people insist on sitting in the middle lane of a Motorway or an A road and do 10 or so miles under the speed limit. Even worse though they seem to think that when they join the road the cars/lorries already on the carriageway have to give way to them, just by putting on your indicator does not give you the right to pull out in front of other cars. Then when flashed they just ignore it and continue to cause an obstruction, when you do manage to get past the look that they give you is unreal. There should be a minimum speed limit on those roads and if you are unable to drive correctly then please stay off them. we who drive for a living have enough trouble of getting from A to B without having to go round cars driven by inconsiderate people.


Stuck in traffic on Euston Road, crawling at a knackered snails pace up to a set of traffic lights and then this lemon in a 4x4 comes flying up to the back end of my trailer in a lane which turns right. He then decides to come level with my cab and try to angle his thing so that he can sneak in, slaps on his indicator and tries to edge out. Oh no my friend not today, if you behaved normally I would have let you in but as you were a genuine prat you can wait till I go through the traffic lights. Sorry but I've got no time for people like him who thinks that he can just do whatever he wants on the road and everyone will just accommodate him.


Amazing, today the good old A40 wasn't that bad. It had it's usual crawl due to a tipper lorry being stranded but after that it seemed to in a 'good' mood. The usual tailbacks just weren't there for a change and even at Euston & Kings Cross the traffic moved at a decent rate. Of course it wouldn't be London without the usual Mini Cabs, Buses, Black Cabs cutting you up but that is just London. Got to admit that today I was much calmer driving about, lets hope it stays like this for at least the rest of the week.


Just as I was beginning to wonder where all the idiots driving BMW's have gone I got the answer very quickly. They all bought Audi A4's, the amount of times in the last 2 days that I got cut up by an Audi is unreal.


UK Truck Net

For the last few days the site has been unavailable, no server connection. What has happened to it I wonder.


When I was going to work this morning I noticed that the car in front was leaking something from under the engine/radiator. Flashed my lights, beeped the horn to try and get the drivers attention, even tried to tell him something was wrong when alongside his car. All I got for my troubles was 'the finger'. Fair play mate, when your engine blows up you might remember that another driver was trying to get your attention.


Been driving up to Kings Cross each day, twice daily to be precise. Not a bad journey till you get to Edgware Road Flyover, trying to join a lane is almost impossible and then just going in a straight line without getting something or someone under your wheels is a feat in itself. Amazing how many taxis, mini cabs, pedestrians try to commit suicide by cutting up a lorry or just stepping up in front of it. Got to stay on the mirrors and if you take your eye off them someone or something will no doubt creep into your blind zone. Staying awake and on top of things is something that you have to keep on top of.


Well I am now Level D trained, spent 8 hours being taught what to look for and all other things associated with Airline security.


Typical, just about to leave to go to work and the phone rings, 'sorry but your run has been cancelled'. If it happens again that's it, won't be going back to that site, I don't commit to a job and turn down others only to have it called off an hour before it starts.



That is the speed we're governed by, apart from the possible fuel savings I have no idea as to why it would be set at that. Going down the M23 at al I was being passed by everyone including a granny in an old and battered car. Just makes the journey a bit more hazardous I think, more chance of falling asleep due to sheer boredom. I would be most interested to see how things compare to a 49.5mph & 55mph settings. Who would actually be better of.


Alright so I took a wrong turning, went straight on to be precise. Had to go about a mile to be able to turn around. Good job it was only a small lorry otherwise there could have been problems. Delivered to this store in Fulham and got to admit that these flats were impressive. They had just been finished and looked just the ticket, asked one of the builders if he knew the prices and somehow I wasn't surprised. A mere studio the size of a box room is going for a paltry £180k, the Penthouse a cool £7.5M. Sorry mate not this week, maybe next week when I win the Lottery.


Now I've delivered to some strange and awkward places but nothing like this. When I got my delivery schedule this morning I had a quick chat with the shunter and he warned me about this drop. Having used to live around portobello Road in the 70's, I was quite happy do go back to my old stomping ground. When I finally got to the place, I parked up and went to the store to tell the staff that I've arrived, on the way I looked at the delivery point and boy it sure did come up to the warning standard. The biggest problem was how to avoid the pedestrians and the cars, it didn't take me as much effort as I expected to reverse into the 'hole'. Then the lining up with the dock leveler came into play, someone designed this for a wehicle without mirrors.


On my way back from Andover last night I was happily plodding along the M3 @ 50mph (still puzzles me why its set at that) when I come up to a junction. There is a BOC tanker half way down the ramp, now I can't move over as there is another artic half way down my trailer so have to hold my speed since there are cars behind me. this prat from BOC decides to come across (not even bothering to indicate), there is absolutely nothing I can do so I keep to my speed and line. As the slip road ends he just decides to slow down and flashes his lights in displeasure at me. What the hell does he think this is, what was I supposed to do, slow down and possibly cause an accident, he is joining the motorway so the correct rules apply. Wish I'd have taken hos number so that his TM could have a few words with him.


Coming back from Bognor Regis very late on Thursday I was sort of looking forward to getting to the A3 as it ment that in an hour or so I'd be back in the yard and on my way home to bed. All of a sudden without any warning the dreaded cones appear, and about 1 mile before the junction that I need. No choice but to exit the now closed A27 and with luck get back on as I was hoping that it was just the bridge that was worked on. Guess again, all the ramps closed, no diversion signs, so how the hell do I get to the A3. Stumble to the next roundabout and thank god a sign, driving through a residential area I wondered how many people would be less than impressed about lorries coming through there when they are trying to sleep. Would have been nice if the Highways mob put up some sort of signs further down to warn us, why bother.


I think that on Saturday I will have to invest in a crow bar, some of the places that I've had to squeeze a trailer are unreal. Am glad that it was only a 10m trailer with rear steer, hate to see what would have been the outcome if I had a full size one. Driving in London is definitively something that requires suicidal tendencies, especially at night when all the cyclists & bikers come out to play.


Fulham, Chelsea & White City, nice and small shops to deliver to. The only thing is that you have to have eyes in the back of your head or a swivel head. Pedestrians everywhere and the vast majority are oblivious to the lorry that is either trying to turn into the car park or reverse into the delivery area. Add night time delivery and it becomes much more interesting. Haven't been to those parts of London for ages & ages, my old stomping ground when I was growing up in London.


God that was knackering, went up to Sutton Coldfield last night on a trunk. The unit was something else, even though it was a 58 plate the steering controls were not peachy. Had to fight with it to keep it in a straight line, all the way there and back, came back with aching arms and a stiff neck. Reported it and with luck I'll have a different one tonight as I won't drive that one tonight.


Yesterday I had the experiance of delivering to a few stores for a well known supermarket. First one wasn't that bad, just off the A217 with a decent back area. Had to hang about for a bit as the backdoor man was a bit flushed. Then back for a break and a new trailer for a second delivery. This one was a bit more difficult as it involved driving through Ealing Broadway and avoiding the 'blind' pedestrians who insist on trying to step out in front of you even when the lights are on green. Got to the point and then the drive into the basement began, bloody tight at the entrance, then a nice and wide turning and then back on to the dock. Nice 12 hour day.

Today I didn't even make it in, the M3 was at a standstill, when finally I got going the J11 on the M25 was queuing so went to J10 and wished i didn't. A queue for about 1 mile just to get of and then the same queue to get to the next exit for Weighbridge. Total standstill, sat in this infernal queue for about 2 hours and finally decided that enough is enough. When I finally managed to turn around I wasn't in the best of moods. Managed to get home at around 1115, not bad since I left at 7am.  Drove around for the best part of 5hours and achieved absolutelly nothing except wasting diesel.


Ah glorious Wembley, twice in one day. Had to deliver a shed load of estate agent leaflets to this binding company. No way would it all have fitted on the lorry as the weight was just a bit much so 2 trips were called for. On the second trip there was such a delicious smell of curry wafting from somewhere on the trading estate that it made me very hungry. Had already planned what to have for dinner (other half working) but after this the decision of a curry was a definitive Yes.


That's it, the assessment is over and done with, quite a long one to be precise. DSA Theory Test then two reverses (loads of room & bloody tight) then a shortish trip to a store to drop of some goodies. Had to hand pick a large number of Coke bottles as the pallet decided it wouldn't stay upright when it was taken of the tail lift. Glad it was only a 13m trailer, any longer and there would have been a slight problem spinning the unit & trailer in this loading area. Return to the yard and do final documentation, sign a few forms and have my photo taken and then home.


Good job I had a puddle jumper today otherwise it would have been very interesting to deliver to these places. At the same time I would have made some serious alterations to the town centres and the local scenery. Got to admit that Milford, Liss, Petersfield & Pullborough are gorgeous towns but some places are just so tight that a crow bar is an essential piece of equipment. Have this duty for the rest of the week and I plan to enjoy driving on country roads and looking at the scenery.


Sort of an interesting day on Friday, initially had to collect some RPA's and managed to get on the roller in 2 moves. Getting better with those things, when they made them there should have been a bit more play in the side ward movement. Then for the first time i had to take some 'heavy' and I mean heavy stuff to the Decompression chamber, never been and was interested how it all works. Once the stuff was inside the door which must have been at least a 1.5ft thick was closed, the hydraulic locks applied and I went to the drivers rest room. Cup of tea and a bit of TV was in order as this took just over an hour to do. It simulates cargo hold at 30.000ft so if there is something nasty amongst the cargo it will go 'pop' there and not in the aircraft.


Had a night trunk for K+N on Thursday, initially I was booked to do some shunting (or so I thought) but they call that the delivery of full trailers to other depots around the country. Had two trips to Colchester in some very old waggons, no idea why the chap I was following (as I didn't know the way and no maps were supplied) went through North Circular and Mill Hill. That was coming from Greenford, I would have gone up the A40 and then M25 and A12. Came back that way and it was a whole lot quicker than banging around the roadwork congested up A roads. Absolutely knackered as the lorries did need 100% concentration to keep them straight.

Saturday consisted of spending more time waiting to be assigned a bay in Swissport and I managed' to do 2 runs in a 10 hour shift. Amazing how long it takes those boys to do any work and how does it ever get done. A whole shift and I managed to drive all of 32km.


Why is it that coming back to the yard seems faster than going to collect the goods. Last night I had to go to Cambridge and it seemed like ages before I got there, on the way back even though the distance was the same the trip seemed to take a whole lot faster. Could it be that I was going 'down hill'. First time ever on the M11 Northbound, not much to see when it's dark.


Just love this, had to do a run to Romford on Saturday so when I turned up I wasn't sure what I'd be driving as the info that I got was 'it might be an Artic or Rigid'. Once all the loading was done and the leftovers counted I was duly handed keys to a 7.5T, oh well a puddle hopper is better than a van. Took 9 yorks to the mail centre and came back empty as the other artic took all the other bits. Nice and relaxing drive on the M25 but on the way to Romford as I didn't know where the mail centre was i followed the other guy, why did he choose that route to get to the M25 is beyond me. It sure looked longer then the route I would have taken but never mind.


Ever tried to collect stuff from places on the map marked with just a cross and the map being so small that the Hubble Telescope would have trouble reading it. Well I did today, had 3 collections from fruit & veg markets and then a delivery to the main establishment where it was made into something edible. Must tell one of the loader/packers that just one turn of the shrink wrap around the pallet just isn't enough. Had to re stack and re pick numerous boxes of oranges after they tipped. Finished at around 14:30 and thought that was it but no, had to go back to the last drop and this time load up with Airline food and take it to Gatwick, this time in a van. Managed to finish at 18:00 and got to be hones I'm glad it's all over.


Ah nothing like a nice trip up to J21 on the M1, on the way delivered a load of car parts to Northampton and then up a few junctions to load up with more car parts and bring them back to Slough. All would have been great except those pesky roadworks. One day they will be all gone, roll on that day.


I know that being prompt for a shift is always a good thing but I think I took this a bit too far. Turned up for work this morning @01:00, signed in and was waiting for the vehicle stuff, then the question came. What duty are you doing, after the answer and much looking through the duty book I was told. Sorry mate you're 24hrs early, the duty is for tomorrow morning. Looked on my phone and checked the text which showed today's date and time that the agency sent me. Not impressed, went home and watched TV as couldn't sleep. Called the agency and informed them of this and I do hope things get sorted and at least 4 hours of pay appears for this fiasco. This has totally shot up my weekend but things happen.


What's the hurry people, for the last 3 nights been going up the M1 to Rugby and other places and got to admit that sometimes I was a bit mystified. If a speed limit sign has been posted through roadworks then I suppose it is there for a reason. Having said that the vast majority of lorries seem to be ignoring the limit and the cameras, what happens when the speeding tickets start to arrive or an accident is caused. Slow down people the limits are there for a reason.


Really gets me when some firms try to fiddle the time you are working. Got back in the yard at about 02:20 this morning, parked up and went is to ask where they want the unit & trailer as the place was a bit bust. Got told that I need to do another run to their hub and whilst unloading I should put my tacho on break. Not in a million years, not fiddling my records for anyone, told them politely that as we are discussing what happens next it does not entitle them to ask me to put my tacho on break. Sat in the canteen for about an hour trying to figure out if another run would be possible ans if and where I would run out of time. As the second run would involve a 2.5 hour drive through the M25 & M1 roadworks, then a 45min break. That would take me up to about 7am, then the trip back would probably be just a bit longer due to the morning rush hour. I wasn't particularly looking forward to running out of hours as by my calculations that was a very likely scenario. Then I was told that no second run is needed and to download my card and go home.


Applied to a well known delivery company for a Class1 job way back at the beginning of December, the closing date has been and gone and still no one has even sent me an acknowledgement. When I log in it still shows as 'Applied', now if they need drivers surely someone should respond. Sent them an email asking what is going on with the application and when am I liable to hear from them. Guess what, No Reply. Why bother to advertise a job and then not reply to candidates, just doesn't make sense to me.


Never been keen on these Umbrella companies but as more agencies seem to be turning to them to pay us I had no choice but to sign up with one. The usual thing is that when the time sheet is in on Monday the pay is in on Friday (morning), oh no not with this one. Had to call and find out what is going on with my pay, not so sure as we haven't received any money to pay you, was the reply. Not the answer that I really wanted to hear, so told them they have till 2pm to sort things out and pay me. At the same time I informed the agency that I am pulling out from that days job as I have not been paid for the last time that I worked for them. Just can't see why I should have to pay a company just so that they pay me for my hours worked, I work they get a cut of my wages, not on. If the agency wants to subcontract out their payroll it is them that should be paying for the 'priviledge' and not me.


Just had my night shift cancelled, now what am I going to do tonight. Had a few hours sleep and I'm wide awake, just have to watch all that rubbish on the TV till I fall asleep.
Had an interview for a job yesterday, although its a fixed term contract for one year, it is a job after all. All the usual things, am i authorised to work here checks and then a drive around to see how my driving fares. Now the worst part, waiting for an answer.


Not that keen on doing nights but once in a while I'll dabble. Had to go to Saxon Trading Estate last night, nice and windy road with loads of pot holes leading in and boy was the estate packed with lorries. Seems like most of the UK's fleet was parked up there. Then the work started, firstly a 7.5T to collect some stuff from BA, then had to collect 2 12T from DAF, then take a trailer to a park yard and collect another. First time I've driven a Foden (basically a DAF) and pulled a container. Got to admit that the trailer yard wasn't in the best of health, loads of huge holes filled with water and almost pitch dark. Back in the yard and went in a van to collect the rest of the stuff from BA, still not ready. Must have driven almost every type of a vehicle they had in one night.


Hacked off or what, had a booking for the whole week but this morning the client cancelled it. Annoyed a bit as I turned down other work, not so sure if I'm going to accept a weekly booking for them from now on.


Cracking duty yesterday, started in Langley then on to Gloucester then to Daventry and Twickenham and back to Langley. As I haven't been to the Gloucester & Daventry depots it was kind of interesting to see how good the directions were. Would you believe it they were spot on. On my way back on the M1 had to sit waiting for an accident to be cleared, looked pretty bad as loads of ambulances, fire engines and police were whizzing past on the hard shoulder. When we eventually got going managed to have a look and it did look bad, one car was on its roof looking like it went through a mangle, hope the driver/passengers were OK. Managed to get finished with a hefty 30min overtime to my credit.