Three days, three different units and guess what, the bloody AC didn't work in any of them. The worst day was Saturday, almost cooked in the cab, driving down the M25, M23 and the A40 with the windows wide open trying to say sort of cool, weighing down the paperwork to make sure it didn't fly out of the window. Going past Ace Cafe I was amazed to see so man bikers there, some looked like they could do with going through the car wash.


So much for my theory, half term and I thought that there might me a bit less traffic on the M25, guess I was wrong


What a day, if there is a good thing to be said about the M25 then I would welcome it. Stuck in a huge jam going to Gatwick and back to London. Then once more going to Feltham, sick and tired of driving today


Loads of Aston's today on the M25, must be the warm weather. Nice classic one with a few of the new style


Amazing, managed to get to J18 on the M1 and back again without any roadworks and lane closures(that was on Tuesday night)


Lovely weather tonight, makes me wonder where the Spring went and did Summer follow it


Bad smash on the M25 J15-16, took ages just to get on to the slip road onto the M4 and then the usual crawl to the M25, saw the cars when I went past them, he'll of a mess.


An interesting day, started my day weep ting to do a duty that would have been easier than my usual one. Having got to our depot in W London I began to load up, then when the time came to raise the deck bugger all happened. I thought that the power was gone so plugged in the Anderson lead and still,sweet bugger all. Then the hydraulics light came on in the trailer warning panel, oh bugger this looks serious, looking around the trailer I noticed that it was sitting a bit low so a further inspection was deemed to be in order. The bloody thing had settled on the tyres, mud guards were resting on the back axle tyres, not good. Started it up to get some air and nothing, no air in the trailer system, called the breakdown and when he arrived he couldn't do anything. A more knowledgable mechanic was called and he arrived when I was going home as this had dragged beyond my duty time so he has by now fixed it, as all was left at the depot they should organise the recovery of the unit and trailer back to our yard. Not bad in 9 hours I managed to drive all of 33km.


Loads of room to overtake so indicate and start to move into the middle lane, the prat in a car about 400yds back decides that he needs to be ahead of me and floors it. At this time I'm in the middle lane, as he goes past I get the usual blast on the horn and hand gestures


On the M3 this morning, unit towing a horse box, must be a very heavy horse


Bloody Highways bods do it again, close a few exits of the M25 and put up signs two junctions away. Someone in that mob needs to go on a planning course and soon. Not many places to take a 16ft high and 50ft long trailer through


Interesting driving on the M25 today, the amount of spray was unreal, and then the fun really began when I had to take one of our oversized trailers into London. Got used to it but some of the drivers around Hanger Lane still get a rude awakening when they see that back end come round so fast.


Dozy Howdens crane driver, as we were passing an accident on the on ramp of the M4 this prat is on my outside. My unit is half way down his lorry when the moron indicates and starts to come over into my lane, sharp step on the brakes and he almost takes out my unit, carries on like nothing has happened, almost caused another pileup, absolute wanker


On the M1 tonight and it felt like every Sid that had a car with a doggy headlight was on that road. How do they get away with it, if we as much as have a marker light out the Police come down on us like a ton of bricks


Weird, so used to coming to our depots when it's dark that when I arrived here in Norwich when it was still light I could see all the bits that the night masked up. Loads of deer in the fields.


Cracker, had a unit that was a bit light on the steering but it made up for it in speed. Bloody quick, got back to our depot half an hour early, no complaints there



One more module done and dusted. Tis time it was the Tachograph stuff, so now I should be able to do all the fancy stuff on the new Siemens 1.4 model
One of these days the M1 will be clear of all the road works


Easy week this, tomorrow another CPC course, Friday normal day, Good Friday I'm off so enjoy while it lasts


Few pics from today's escapades

First is from the M1 after just joining it from M25.

Second one is after arriving at NDC with a bit of snow everywhere


Bloody cold last night, coming down the M1 this morning it was wet and miserable, sleet all the way back to Heathrow. Then adding more misery the HA closed the junction that I needed to get home, bloody inconsiderate, wouldn't have minded but the info about this only came up about a mile before getting to J15 on the M25.


Last night was one hell of a session, on the M11 going happily to Norwich when all hell breaks loose. The motorway is closed due to an accident, the highway bods even closed the off ramp on J8 so I couldn't get off the motorway, then again if I did there wasn't a whole lot of places to go. Sat there for a while and then the road opens up like nothing has happened only to grind to a Halt a mile later. Saw the car involved on a low loader, it didn't look pretty.


Makes a change to have an easy week, last week was just that. Between days off and training I managed to squeeze in three days of driving


Education today, refresher course on Airport security, the dreaded Level D


Coming down the A40 into London you really have to marvel at the way some people drive, sitting in the middle lane doing 30mph and not giving an iota of thought to others is just typical of the way some nationalities drive. Makes you wonder where they bought their license or why their wrecks don't have lights on or even in working condition.


Good start to a day, when I got to our Heathrow depot and was about to change the trailer guess what. A flat tire, somewhere between the start and getting there one tire went. Got to Coventry airport and as usual the road out of the airport was chocka, this time it was worse, half an hour to crawl through a mile and a half. Then the rest of the fun started. It took an hour and a half to get to the M1 from there. Run out of hours so a stop was needed, treat to a BK I thought. Then I spotted some much more decent food so scampi, chips, peas and a cup of Latte was had. Bloody hell £10.50 for that, no wonder I don't eat at service stations.


I was wondering something and then guess what loads of them appear. Talking about good old Eddie Stobbart, used to see loads of his units down South but lately they have been scarce. Then on Saturday going up the M1 there were hoards of them. I know he gets some stick but when you're used to seeing them on the road the lack is distinctive.


Nice and foggy on the M1 tonight, one of these days there will be no bloody cones on this road and no lane closures. There has to be a limit to these roadworks


A Jag E Type in absolutely mint condition passed me on the A419, not many of them about these days.
Had one of the new(11plate) MAN yesterday, got to admit that compared to the 57 plate it was really good to drive. The wobbly feeling in the cab and the not being able to get comfortable feeling has gone. Nice and firm steering and very responsive, as usual the bed was judge and comfortable.


Coventry, Nottingham & Derby today, lets hope that road out of the airport is nice and easy today. Whoever designed that place must have been smoking some powerful stuff that day, one road in and out leading to a major A road with 2 roundabouts.


Bloody cold here in Norwich, loads of snow flurries on the way here, amazingly the biggest was on the m25
Strange being back at work after 2 weeks off. Glad I didn't have the longer trailer today, a few days of getting back into swing of things will be great


One of the places that I go to collect mail, bit tight sometimes to get in due to cars being parked up all over the shop. This is a reverse to a point and then get loaded up with a forklift, this time I had to back on to a bay without 'moving' their rubbish bins, not bad managed to do it in one. Wonder if I can repeat that again when the time comes.


Two weeks of doing absolutely nothing, don't have to think about vehicle checks and coupling up for 14 days


Few pics from A417 near Air Balloon pub heading towards Gloucester


Driving back home early this morning was something of a game, driving with one eye on the thermometer to see if it drops below 0 degrees and then adjust my driving to compensate for possible ice. As luck would have it it stayed just above freezing, didn't fancy slipping and sliding all the way home. Les hope that tonight's trip to Norwich is just as trouble free.
So far so good, snow at home but not so bad here (J18-M1). As long as it stays above freezing I'll be fine


Few pics from the past week

1) M1 on Tuesday morning
2-4) A11 & A47 junction on Tuesday night
4) the road to our depot, entrance is through that gap on the right



Car driven by a woman of a certain Ethnic origin. Car absolutely covered in snow exception to the rule is the windscreen which had the wipers turned on just to clear the snow so that she can see. Headlights also covered in thick snow and guess what she is driving at night.

Slight Squeeze

Amazing where you have to get the trailer into to get mail