Bulgarian (Screw)Drivers

The usual state of play on Friday, sitting in a jam on the M25 and crawling along to the M1 Junction. As I sat in the off ramp crawling at about 10mph a Bulgarian lorry flew past me on the Hard Shoulder, this idiot was going flat out. All I managed to get was the BG on back of his license plate and the back of the trailer. This is some moron who thinks that the hard shoulder is another lane and couldn't wait like the rest of us to join the M1. This has considerably lowered my opinion of Eastern European drivers. we all have bad moments when we drive but this was sheer lunacy.


Well, I'm slowly getting used to my new shift(s). One long week with just one day off and then a sort of a short week with 3 days off. Thought it would have been a bit harder to get this going but it's not so bad with the exception that I don't see my other half very much and finishing at 01:30 on the short week is the main downer.


What is the point................yesterday was nice and sunny so what in the gods name are people doing driving with their FOG lights on top of their headlights. Are they hoping for a patch of fog to appear sudden like, OK some Volvo's do have the lights on full time but fog lights.


Just done two long weeks of my rotational duty and boy did I need the weekend off, up and down the M1 was becoming routine and going through the roadworks was almost a non existent blur of sort. Complacency was starting to settle in and I'm glad this week is a bit short and the route differs.