Now this really takes the biscuit. One of our finest went to a shop and the owner refused to serve him. what is this Country coming to when a Soldier in unifirm is thrown out of a shop by its owner. He is fighting to try to bring stability to a Muslim country and (I assume) a Muslim shopkeeper throws him out. Boycott that store, show some solidarity with the soldiers, its about time that we stood up and got counted instead of being dictated to.
Never assume that you can have an early finish, I did and it got me nowhere. Had to do a delivery in Horsham and then on to Sunbury. Fab I thought, be back in the yard by midday and then home, think again. when I pulled in to the yard I was greeted with, drop your trailer couple up to that one being loaded and you're off to Havant. Oh sugar, already planned my afternoon and as it was a nice and sunny day my thought of an afternoon down the pub was quickly shattered.


BK Pizza

Now this is what I call a Whopper, BK has released this in the US as a 'share' pizza. The New York Pizza Burger is a 9-and-a-half-inch wide burger made with four Whopper patties topped with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and Tuscan pesto sauce. How many Yanks can honestly say they will share this, if it ever gets here I wonder how and if it becomes a familiar fixture in a lorry drivers cab. This would last for a whole day but with a whopping 2.500 calories and 180+g of fat could the lorry stand the 'extra' weight.


Alright so it's a Bank Holiday weekend and I expected a sort of relaxed work day. well it kind of was, had to go to the dealer (Guildford) to collect my lorry as it was being serviced, then my first drop just  happened to be in Woodley and then on to Theale which was a experience in itself. When you see a sign telling you that the bridge is a 3T MGW it usually reflects to the bridge which the sign is posted by and not another bridge half a mile from it. The correct information is on the sign but it is written in such small lettering that unless you're a few feet away you can't see it. So when confronted by this sign i turned around at the roundabout and drove around trying to find a way in and then gave up. Called the yard and one of the other drivers who happen to have delivered to this place told me that it is OK to go over the bridge. On to Hungerford and Blackbushe and then back to the yard. Kind of expecting to have another short run but no, 'see you Tuesday'.

All I can say is that I'm glad that I didn't have to go through Reading today, had to do a delivery to Caversham on Wednesday and what a mess. The festival is on this weekend so all the party goes were arriving and debusing in the pouring rain, all that mud and no music till the weekend.


Bloody hell what a day, from Slough To Maidenhead to High Wycombe to Bicester to Abingdon to Didcot and then on to Reading. some spread this, lost 2 hours as one client didn't open till 8am and at another the forklift driver decided it was tea time when i arrived. Half an hour later he comes out to tip me. 3rd from last drop was similar, 'sorry drive, we're on lunch' be back in half an hour. Good god is everyone on break when I arrive today, after touring some nice scenery and playing with a foal at one farm where I stopped to ask for directions to another farm I managed to finish today's deliveries. Been told to look out for tomorrow as it could be similar.


Don't know if I did the right thing but I sure hope so, today I pulled into Reading Services for my half an hour. Parked up and went to get a newspaper, noticed a Polish plated DHL unit towing a trailer parked up on the least bay. On my way back I saw the driver open his door and pour a little bit out of a beer can, it sure looked like a beer. Then he proceeds to drink the rest, he must have been there for a decent amount of time(I assume). I walked back to my cab disgusted as a Drink & Driving is a big no no with me especially when you happen to be sitting behind a wheel of an Artic. Reading my paper I saw the Polish lorry pull away and drive of about 10 minutes later. My thought was this, how many did he have, was it only one or more beers as I don't think a Polish man would add anything non-alcoholic into a beer can. How stable is he driving an artic so soon after consuming alcohol. If he has an accident he could kill someone. I decided on the only course of action that I thought appropriate, called the police, gave them his registration number & the number of the trailer along with the description.

So Ladies & Gents, did I do the right thing


Oh what a down pour, absolutely chucking it down on the M3 & M25 this morning. I was surprised that more of the stuff didn't get waterlogged and damaged, one pallet was totally gone and a few others just about made the grade. Compared to yesterday when I baked in the cab today was nice for a change, wet but who cares, not made of sugar so I won't melt. Unfortunate thing is the delivery that I took back will probably be on my lorry tomorrow.


Boxes, Boxes and some more Boxes

Another week done and dusted, lost count of how many pallets of flat packed boxes I delivered this week. I'm amazed that some of the places that I had to squeeze the lorry into were deliverable and after negotiating my exit I wondered how on earth I managed to get in and out without any scratches. Getting to know some of the side roads very well and I hasten to add don't intend to use them that often, once is enough. I'll stick to the main roads and keep a closer eye on the map instead of the satnav. Number of times it tried to send me into places that a squirrel would have trouble getting out of its unreal, you've got to know when to ignore that 'turn here' instruction. Today I found another bridge that is not on the map and on satnav, just a tinsy 12ft 3in high bridge, wonder what the 13ft 9in waggon would have done to it or vice versa. Oh and a small rant, when placing diversions please give some other warning , fancy closing down the A321 between Molly Millars lane and Gowrings Garage roundabout to all LGV's, that dastardly diversion via Abborfield is a bit much.


Two days of local runs, well alright one or two jaunts to Hungerford were thrown in as well. Makes a change to have a drive around my locality and finish early.


Oh man what a day, from Amersham to Thatcham to Hungerford and Aldermaston. all in 8 hours along with the usual waits for the Goods In to open up. Got to one drop in Amersham and boy, did I need a crow bar to get the lorry in or what, good job it was only an 18T as an artic would not fit in any way. got to ask the question of why do people choose to locate their businesses in such awkward to get to places.