Ahhhh, the luxury of being on holiday, 2 glorious weeks away from work. Yeah if only, the amount of stuff I have to do around the house is unreal. Will be glad to get back to work and get some rest.


What is it with Tesco Artic drivers, do they go to a special school on how to piss off other drivers or is it part of the induction policy. On my way back to the depot I had to overtake a Tesco lorry, as I get half way up the trailer the driver decides to slap on his indicator and immediately start to move into my lane. Had two options, keep the line and let him smack into me or move out to the middle lane. As luck would have it there was no traffic and the middle lane (3rd lane on M1 past Hemel Jct) so I moved over, as I went past the unit the driver was oblivious to anything he'd just done. Kept staring ahead and didn't even notice that I went past him.


Back to reality now that the white stuff is all gone, having said that there were some interesting bits when it was snowing. On my way back to the yard I have to go over a bridge and when the car in front stops I have to do the same. He then manages to get going but me in my artic just couldn't get going. Tried everything to no avail, had to back down the hill to get a run up but as usual no car driver will give way to a lorry. Had one of our agency drivers help me but still the cars were just not bothering to help. Had no choice but to slowly blind side down a side road and then go the long way back. Going home was also fun, cars crawling at 10mph and of course a few CEVA artics going flat out down the M25, all adds to the fun and games.


Kept seeing Matrix signs on the M1 yesterday 'Salt Spreading' but didn't see a single gritter. They must have that Romulan Cloaking Device, because in 4 hours of driving up and down the M1 I didn't see a single one.


Well, that's the third module of the DCPC done and dusted. To be honest it was quite interesting and the way it was run it made the day worthwhile.