I was expecting to see loads of snow this morning but only a slight dusting appeared. On the road and a slight spittle of snow appeared here and there. Then things changed when I stopped in Winchester services. The snow started to come down pretty thick and fast, driving on the M3 was a bit atrocious with the driving snow. The visibility was at times very poor. Similar thing when I got close to the yard, the A331 was under some serious snow shower. In the yard I had to recouple my unit to another trailer and park up on the bay which is down a slight slope. Trying to reverse was fun with the unit slipping and wheel spinning. The snow was coming down pretty thickly. Got home and would you believe, almost no snow at all.


Thank god for night heaters, bloody freezing this morning. It took almost 20 minutes for the windscreen to defrost and that was with the engine and the night heater going at full blast. The worst part was the wind, went right through you. when delivering in High Wickham it started to snow, then the clouds came over and nothing. Got back to the yard and a few flakes appeared, nothing like the predicted amount. Having said that there's always tomorrow.


Hurry up and wait, that is exactly what my day was like. Turned up at the first delivery at 7am, they open up at 8am. Heater on and test out the bunk. Onward to the next one and no problems, got to a well known shampoo and more company at 9am and was duly informed. You're booked in for 2pm but I could unload you at around 11am. Just park up in the corner and come and see me at 11am. I had 2 hours to kill, no newsagents to be seen so the bunk got retested yet again. Managed to get tipped at 11:30 and then off to the last one. As I was about 200yds from a set of lights at which I need to turn I saw another artic turning, didn't think much of it till I got to the delivery and guess what. That damn artic was ahead of me, all the way from Poland and full to the rafters. It took almost an hour for it to be unloaded in the meantime I managed to finish off my lunch and the rest of my tea. Got back to the yard close to 2pm, unhooked and coupled up to my Monday's drop. Then it was time for a weekend break.


Ambling along the M3 as fast as the limiter would carry me I was passed by a Dutch unit and low loader like I was standing still. Noticed on the low loader a AVF432, took a quick snapshot as it was hauled past me. Kind of brings back memories of my Army days.


Oh man it's getting cold, had to scrape my car's windscreen this morning. As they are forecasting snow for the weekend it will be interesting to see if it actually arrives and how much dumps. Got the snow shovel ready the only thing I'm missing is the rock salt.

Noticed that the Warburtons boys have finally moved out of Camberley. The yard that was full of the Red 12T lorries is now completely empty. They were threatening to move and finally have done so, apparently to a fancy site in Basingstoke, trouble is since the time I left them all I've seen is new faces in the lorries whenever they go past me. Looks like a lot of the 'old' boys have decided to find pastures new.


Amazing that people find the time to whinge about the delivery, 2 days on the trot one of the customers managed to whine about the state of the 'palets'. Not going to give you any more if that is how you deliver them, what can I say. I just deliver them, not pack and load the stuff. I suppose it makes someones day to have a good whinge.

People who drive 4x4 vehicles should be taught that when you enter the dual carriageway from a slip road you have to accelerate and NOT slow down to a crawl, forcing people behind (mainly me) to slam on their brakes.


Some people just shouldn't have driving licenses. This morning just after finishing my 1st drop I was just pulling away and once straight on the road I noticed another Artic trying to get out of a side road, as there was nothing behind me I stuck my 4 ways on and flashed the other driver so that he could turn right. As his units cab got to the half way point I glanced in my mirror and saw a white blur speed past me. A white van just whizzed past, as he got past me he realised why I had stopped with 4 ways on. His brake lights came on and how did he managed to stop without ploughing into the other artic's trailer I have no idea. He then had no choice but to reverse to let the artic turn and then just sped into the distance.


Bunch of Idiots, that's all I have to say about the large number of Artic drivers who sped past me today on the M40 & M25. It was very foggy and even doing 50mph was at times ill advisable. I kept to a speed according to the conditions, which was between 40 - 50 mph. Had to slow down a huge number of times when the visibility was bad, but some drivers seem to think that they are immune to the changing weather and road conditions and continue to 'fly' past at the maximum speed. If something happened and they couldn't see it I'd hate to see what carnage they would have caused. Come on boys & girls, screw the nut, if you can't see what is ahead of you do you really need to speed. Whoopee if you get to your destination a few seconds faster, what if you don't get there at all.


Friday morning in Slough, lovely place, lots of traffic lights and people trying to commit suicide by cutting up lorries. That extra yard or a few seconds sure do make a difference. Spotted this unit and trailer parked up, seems to be a few like this on our roads. Starting to see them more often, not so sure I'd like to squeeze one of them into a few places that I've had to get into. We don't have the same amount of space as the Yanks do for these units, they sure look nice but trying to get one into Pinewood Studios would be fun. Had enough trouble turning around in my trusty Iveco this morning.


Fabulous day, all that rain and wind and I still managed to get back well before 2pm. Had to go and pick up my unit from the service yard this morning. Then hook up and off we go, the wind was a serious problem on the open roads as it wanted to move the unit and trailer onto the middle of the road. Could have done with a middle lane on the A303 this morning. Done and dusted with all the drops it was time for my break, found a cracker of a Burger waggon on the Portway Industrial Estate in Andover. Half a French stick filled with 2 Jumbo sausages, 2 rashers of bacon and an egg, all for £3.20, well worth it in my opinion.

When I took in the unit yesterday to the service yard I found this on the wall. advertising the New Iveco Artics. It looks good, the interior layout looks like it was done with some serious thought and as some of us spend a rather large amount of time in them it will add some comfort to the day.


Why me, today as the awful morning began with all that rain and wind I was making my way to Eastleigh. Two simple drops but nothing is as simple as it seems. The first delivery was supposed to be quick but I had to wait in the yard till they unloaded a container and had their break. At the same time the water level in the yard was rising fast and when I got out of the cab I stepped into almost a foot of water, towards the end of the trailer it was even deeper. Need a set of flippers or a canoe to get to the trailer doors I thought as the rain soaked me. Unloaded and on my way, then the second drop. A farm with streams of water flowing freely down the slope, oh joy lets get wet again. Back to the yard and guess what a second run, seemed easy but the first drop was a nono, can you bring it back tomorrow. and then on to the last one, middle of nowhere, if all the bridges were a decent height it would be OK but as they are not I decided to turn in a different direction, why?, I don't know. Turnaround and head in the right direction and squeeze through a few small villages to deliver the load. Finally got back in the yard at 14:30, what a day, need a drink

A closer look at the picture will show you the water level.


Why couldn't the days be like today. Casual run to Sundbury and then to Crowthorne. Then back to the yard, uncouple one trailer and hitch up to another and do 2 more drops, one to a new place and then back home. No hassles and no awkward forklift drivers to deal with.


Saw this a few days ago and it gave me a good laugh. This is on Yorktown Road, very close to where I live. Looks like someone had enough of those things and decided to have an early Bonfire night.


Oh what a day, Maidenhead, Enfield & Milton Keynes. Some of the streets in Enfield should be re classed as alleyways and not streets. The M25 & M1 were up to their usual standard with those damn roadworks still snaking along, how much longer are they going to keep digging. Stopped at Toddington Services for my 30 min break and a huge chunk of the lorries there were of Foreign origin. Had thoughts of a Bacon Double Cheeseburger but when I saw the price my apetite left me. The road layout in Milton Keynes with that daft numbering is something to savour, especially when you're looking for a road that is set so far back and the post code is wrong.