Lorry, lorry a lorry for all its worth. Had a seemingly long wait in the canteen till a rigid was available to get some work done. Two drops and both very late, the first one not bad but on the last one the manager wanted to know what the f##k is going on at the RDC. Sorry mate no idea, you'll have to contact them and see that they say. Shock, horror, no AC in the wagon, had to have the windows open instead, can't have this, need my creature comforts. I still wish that some people would be more considerate when changing lanes, such like using the indicator and for gods sake when you get in front of me don't slam your brakes on. This specially applies when there is another lorry is close behind me. I need to find out where I can get a 'I own the road' certificate, being passed by 2 Tipper rigids on the way to Epsom today, they seem to think they own the road the way they were driving. Looks like they were being chased by the devil or were very late for their tea break.


What a Shambolic Game

What a waste of 90+ minutes, it would be if I’d watched all of the game. Turned over to something much more interesting about 15 minutes into the second half. After their usual 'magnificent' start and their 'fabulous' defending England managed to show a bit of footie, after that it was absolute balls up. These overpaid ballerinas just can't get it together. Shame on you and your performance, you're supposed to be Premier League players but a bunch of 2-year-olds could have played better than you. Donate your money to a worthy cause and do us all a favour, Don't Bother to Come Back.


Had a 4am start today, the original plan was to go with another driver and pick up another wagon but as plans go it went a bit astray. Along the way we had to make 2 drops and then to the DAF yard. Sorry you can't have it, the tacho is knackered and we can't fix it till next Monday. Oh well never mind, back to the yard, break and home.
Went for a ‘drive’ for a well-known supermarket in Bracknell few days ago. Had about an hour drive and was told that it was very good. Not like others who speed around but good and steady with lots of care and attention. Then came the reversing bit, put the trailer onto that bay, bloody hell it looks tight after the shunter slapped another trailer into adjustment bay(otherwise it would have been OK). About a half a dozen shunts and I was in, when I looked at the space on both sides when the trailer was nice and straight I felt like asking for a crow bar to get the trailer out again. I was informed that it is expected to get the trailer in in a lot less shunts than I attempted, felt like saying 'go on show me how it's done' but kept quiet. Not sure what they want there, how do you squeeze a huge box into a small gap without shunts and without being a bit nervous when someone is watching you constantly. Never mind, not so sure I want another attempt at this. Also broke my cardinal rule of doing it without pay, never again.


Relaxing day at home, nothing happening with the agencies so I thought that it was time to catch up with the things that I need to do and what the wife has listed, and its a bloody long list. Hot and sunny so at the same time a bit of sunbathing will be done, just to top up the colour mind. Have a assessment tomorrow so fingers crossed, might also be a good time to stock up on the beer for the game. Having said that after the last performance is it really worth watching.


My first and hopefully not last day at one of the upmarket supermarket RDC, not a million miles from home, had to go to Dorchester to drop of the goods. First unit at the yard was broken due to one of the tyres being slightly bald, a second one was delivered and off we go. Started to pull away and for a second or two thought that I'd left the trailer brake on, the thing just wasn't moving. Started to wonder what in the gods name was loaded in the trailer as I very slowly rolled along, to add to it all I had a '04 Plate Manual unit. Once it got going it got going but trying to get up a few of the hills along the way was an experience, felt like I was going to have to get out and push.

Once I got to the destination and what a lovely town it is I had to do some creative reversing. Blind side on and yank the trailer at an angle I never thought possible. The bay is on a uphill slope which I don’t think I’d like to attempt to reverse into when it’s wet or icy. Leave the unit at 45 degrees and unload the stuff. Then a slightly more speedy return as there wasn't much weight left, few empties but nothing like it was going down. Trying to get out of the town was a bit interesting, some prat parked just of the T Junction and left the car there. Must have some connections in high places to park on double yellow lines and about 20 feet from a junction. If it weren’t for one considerate car driver backing down and mounting the pavement I'd still be there, tight streets and just didn't want to do any damage (not on my first day).

Honestly speaking I enjoyed today, something different and it went better than I had hoped.


Was feeling a bit tired this morning but that was sorted out when I started, had to go initially to an airline to collect a few aircraft bins and then the assignment was to run 'errands' for a client. How do you run errands with an artic, simple, load up pallets and take to another depot. That was a bit later though, dropped of the aircraft bins and parked up, time to test out the bunk, had a notion that I wouldn't be there for long but lucky me. Nothing happened till early afternoon, even the other wagons were standing idle. Managed to find a good cafe for lunch and then the work began. Only to end at 17;30 as my shift came to an abrupt end. This was one of the easiest days that I've had, not complaining as I don’t get that many of them.


Gorgeous day, pity most had to be spent hanging around the Horseshoe in Heathrow. Turned up at the first drop and told by the clerk that one of the waybills is not for them. It kind of is as their main office in the horseshoe deals with it. Great, take of most of the stuff and check that it all matches and then off we go to the 'other' office. Something is seriously wrong with that place, booked in at 11:20 and finally got onto the bay at 13:40. This has to be an absolute waste of time, didn't even bring a newspaper with me, all I could do was to watch the numbers change and all the other lorries going past. To top it all people who have no comprehension how much room we need when turning and reversing keep parking in the most awkward places and then looking at you with a blank stare as you try and squeeze past them without doing any damage to their cars. Sometimes I wish that someone would just plough over a car that was parked in the wrong place, then surely the other owners might take notice. Bit of excitement at the end, a Polish lorry was trying to reverse up to the centre to park up and something went wrong, he was blocking the complete road and the driver was sitting in the cab scratching his head. I managed to escape before all mayhem ensured.


Had to pick up a unit from the garage, got to the reception and the man behind the counter tells me that the unit has a leaking air valve and it is not road worthy, will get a ticket if I get stopped. Just sign this waiver and you can be on your way. Not on your life mate, not signing anything and not going anywhere near the unit, not roadworthy and this is a garage, apparently they haven't got the part. Called the yard and the full time driver signed and drove it. Got another one and had to go to Hayes to collect medical stuff and take it to Magna Park, that was the easiest part of the day. Couldn't believe my luck on the way home, M1 & M25 clear, couldn't say the same when I got in my car and got stuck in a huge jam.


Ever felt like a yoyo, today I kind of did. Working for the Airport delivering stuff to the Landside shops and it all seems pretty simples, wagon loaded, drive to the Terminal, unload, leave it with the people who do all the manual work. Then collect empty cages and go back to the warehouse, each trip can take up to 2 hours even though the airport is only a few miles away. Then unload empties, have a break whilst you're being reloaded and do it all over again. Had 3 trips like this today, over the whole days shift (8 hours) I think I actually drove for about 1.2 hours, all this in a 53 plate DAF with an analogue tacho. Here's to a newer wagon tomorrow.


Off The Wall

 ******* I will not name this agency just yet ********

Had a supposedly long term contract for a local agency. Initially it was supposed to start on a Monday but we were told that they only want to see us on Monday to get the paperwork done. After sorting things out the start was confirmed as Wednesday, did the rest of the week and had a call on Friday to Confirm for the following week. The agency confirmed a 'minimum' of £10ph for the job, so when the payslip arrived showing only £9.50 I was a bit miffed, sent email to the agency asking what happened and informing them that as we had a verbal contract they also owe me for the 'booked' week. The usual excuses followed and I was informed that the shortfall would be in my account by this Friday (11 June). How surprising that it wasn't. An excuse of email was received stating that 'I have now spoken to our payroll department who confirm for whatever reason the payment was not made' apparently they had the money there and were going to get it to me.
Now as it is Saturday and I haven't got the cash I've decided to let the Trading Standards and the Dept of Work and Pensions sort this out. It is not a huge amount but the principle of it is, if you're promising a rate then pay it and try not to weasel out of it by making excuses.

****** Update ******

Got the underpayment and the very next day my P45 came through the post, no other calls so I guess I won't be driving for them again. Would have been very simple to sort this out from the start and we all would have been very happy.


Now I’m severely hacked off, had to go to Birmingham and then to Castle Donnington. Got to the first place at 9am, can't unload you till we open and that is 10am. Fair do, on the bay and had a snooze, when they started to unload I thought it shouldn't take more than half an hour. Guess again, they were unloading it all by hand, off one pallet and on to another, then at 11am they decided it was time for a tea break wouldn't mind but I wasn't even offered a cup. When it all returned and the unloading resumed, it took till 13:30 to finish it all. Bloody hell was I mad or what. When I arrived at the last drop it only took the man 10 minutes to get rid of the remaining stuff.. Back home on the dreaded M1, still amazed at how some idiots drive, from the fast line to the exit in the very last second. Still get numptys in lorries overtaking at a high rate in the roadwork’s section but I’m used to that. The yard is getting smaller each time, today it was full to the rafters, had to do some delicate reversing on the blind side and drop the trailer round the corner as in no way could I get the thing into a slot by the warehouse.


Love the Motorways when its raining, it brings out the best in people's driving skills. Like the prat in a Artic towing a gas tanker, who flew past me at a high rate of knots through the roadwork’s section on the M1. On the way back just after J19 the boys in blue were seeing to an accident. Two Tops Tiles artics were on the hard shoulder and a small car was buried in the bushes with just its front end sticking out, which was very well dented. Hope whoever was driving the car was OK, didn’t see any damage to the lorries but as I went past on the opposite side I didn’t really get that a good look and I hate to look at other peoples misfortune.


Oh what joy, a 4am start. Had to be up at 02:30 to get to the yard. Collect the unit and trailer which turned out to be a hide and seek game. The trailers hide and I try to find one that hasn't got the dreaded VOR tag on the emergency airline. Found one but as luck would have it it was behind another one, I'll move it, simples isn't it. How wrong can you be, someone managed to splatter into the trailer and remove the whole airline and electric box, couldn't move the trailer for the love of money. Even when the airline was on it hissed like a demented snake. Took a box trailer instead, down to DHL and load up. NCR stuff for Supermarkets, the dreaded self scan gizmos. Then a leisurely drive to Birmingham to drop them of, Quick stop at the services for the tacho break and then back to the yard and home. Not a bad day except the early start, for crying out loud even the sparrows were asleep.


Yesterday was a definite day not to be driving around without any aircon, had to go to Nine Elms MC and then to Hanger Lane. Going through the South Circular was interesting, being Saturday and a warm day the usual suspects were out. Trying to jockey for position just to be one car ahead, I'm glad that i don't do that route on a daily basis. The fun began when I got to Nine Elms, on Bay 8 drive, got one deck load. Loaded up and ready to go, just about to shut the back door when the manager comes up, 'you for PRDC', yes mate, OK offload it all, you've got the wrong stuff. He (points to a RM bod) told me all this was mine, 'well he got it wrong'. Oh joy, offloading all that stuff when it is almost boiling point in the back of the trailer was not something I’d recommend.

Reloaded and ready, had to sit in the cab with the AC full on to get to a simmer state, shall we say less than shower fresh. Back to PRDC and offload, then back to Langley to reload and guess what back to PRDC. On the way back I'm happily cruising in the inside lane when a BMW about 300 yds in front of me decides to pull straight out into the inside lane, no indicator and slows to a crawl. Hell fire, quick glance in the mirror and out into the middle lane, the prat in the BMW follows me into the middle lane, back into the inside lane. guess what the BMW does the same and almost stops, then it decides to pull into the hard shoulder. All this in a space of 400-450 yds. The lorry behind me must have thought I was some lunatic waving between the lanes. Close shave but it shows how some people must have got their licenses from a Cornflakes packet.


What a baking day, thank god for air conditioning and even then it still wasn't that cool in the cab. Run out of drinking water half way through the day, good job that one of the delivery places had a replen fountain. Had my favourite wagon again today. Must say that the MAN TGA is fab to drive, comfortable with loads of room in the cab and loads of oomph even when pulling a fully laden trailer. Shunting between DHL and the horseshoe today, delivering aircraft pallets of stuff for Glaxo. Not my idea of fun pushing a pallet into the back of the trailer even though it was on rollers. Unloading the Euro pallets from the back was hard and sweaty work, not something that I’d care to do on a daily basis but a bit of exercise and weight loss is OK, couldn’t do my usual running since finished late.


Well miracles do happen, had a delivery to BA this morning and when I booked in I expected the usual wait of at least 1 hour. Would you believe it as I'm walking back to the wagon my registration comes up. Wonders will never cease, onto one bay to check and remove seals and then back on and get unloaded, easy today, roller beds so the aircraft pallets just slide out. Then call the office and a 'short trip' to Lutterworth is sprung on me. Had to collect 40 pallets of pharmaceutical stuff and off we go. There must be something wrong with the M25, for the last 2 days it's been a right pain, so much traffic on the outward and inward journey its unreal. Where are all these bleeding cars coming from. Magna Park is where I had to go and it's bloody huge, ASDA seems to have the vast majority of it from what I saw.


Running around Heathrow today, being shown the bays for delivery of stuff to shops on the Landing side. Did a few deliveries and found some staff in Cafe Nero, etc very rude and almost too daft for words. One of the girls from an Eastern European country tried her best to upset us by telling us that we're late, even though the late shift from last night was supposed to do this delivery. Firm and polite telling off subdued her and we went to another stop. Not bad job and not that difficult, only thing is to know where the bays are and navigating through Heathrow.


God how I hate the M25, today had one delivery for TNT in Bromley by Bow. Then to Romford for a collection, the paperwork said that I'm booked in for 14:30 but after my break it was close to 1pm so I thought why not. Got there and told to park up, sat there for 1.5hrs and then they told me that they are waiting for some call from someone so no idea when I’ll be loaded. Finally got the stuff on board and more than expected, and off we go home. This is where the fun or not started, this damn road must have had the whole of the UK on it today, jams both ways like I've not seen before, miles and miles of them. Then when we finally get moving a prat in a SUV decides to come from the outside lane into the inside, right in front of me. He then proceeds to slam on his breakes and tries to exit at a point that it is impossible. Stood on the breakes and had visions of his car being embeded in the front of the lorry but he just spped off, prize plonker.