Ah nothing like a nice trip up to J21 on the M1, on the way delivered a load of car parts to Northampton and then up a few junctions to load up with more car parts and bring them back to Slough. All would have been great except those pesky roadworks. One day they will be all gone, roll on that day.


I know that being prompt for a shift is always a good thing but I think I took this a bit too far. Turned up for work this morning @01:00, signed in and was waiting for the vehicle stuff, then the question came. What duty are you doing, after the answer and much looking through the duty book I was told. Sorry mate you're 24hrs early, the duty is for tomorrow morning. Looked on my phone and checked the text which showed today's date and time that the agency sent me. Not impressed, went home and watched TV as couldn't sleep. Called the agency and informed them of this and I do hope things get sorted and at least 4 hours of pay appears for this fiasco. This has totally shot up my weekend but things happen.


What's the hurry people, for the last 3 nights been going up the M1 to Rugby and other places and got to admit that sometimes I was a bit mystified. If a speed limit sign has been posted through roadworks then I suppose it is there for a reason. Having said that the vast majority of lorries seem to be ignoring the limit and the cameras, what happens when the speeding tickets start to arrive or an accident is caused. Slow down people the limits are there for a reason.


Really gets me when some firms try to fiddle the time you are working. Got back in the yard at about 02:20 this morning, parked up and went is to ask where they want the unit & trailer as the place was a bit bust. Got told that I need to do another run to their hub and whilst unloading I should put my tacho on break. Not in a million years, not fiddling my records for anyone, told them politely that as we are discussing what happens next it does not entitle them to ask me to put my tacho on break. Sat in the canteen for about an hour trying to figure out if another run would be possible ans if and where I would run out of time. As the second run would involve a 2.5 hour drive through the M25 & M1 roadworks, then a 45min break. That would take me up to about 7am, then the trip back would probably be just a bit longer due to the morning rush hour. I wasn't particularly looking forward to running out of hours as by my calculations that was a very likely scenario. Then I was told that no second run is needed and to download my card and go home.


Applied to a well known delivery company for a Class1 job way back at the beginning of December, the closing date has been and gone and still no one has even sent me an acknowledgement. When I log in it still shows as 'Applied', now if they need drivers surely someone should respond. Sent them an email asking what is going on with the application and when am I liable to hear from them. Guess what, No Reply. Why bother to advertise a job and then not reply to candidates, just doesn't make sense to me.


Never been keen on these Umbrella companies but as more agencies seem to be turning to them to pay us I had no choice but to sign up with one. The usual thing is that when the time sheet is in on Monday the pay is in on Friday (morning), oh no not with this one. Had to call and find out what is going on with my pay, not so sure as we haven't received any money to pay you, was the reply. Not the answer that I really wanted to hear, so told them they have till 2pm to sort things out and pay me. At the same time I informed the agency that I am pulling out from that days job as I have not been paid for the last time that I worked for them. Just can't see why I should have to pay a company just so that they pay me for my hours worked, I work they get a cut of my wages, not on. If the agency wants to subcontract out their payroll it is them that should be paying for the 'priviledge' and not me.


Just had my night shift cancelled, now what am I going to do tonight. Had a few hours sleep and I'm wide awake, just have to watch all that rubbish on the TV till I fall asleep.
Had an interview for a job yesterday, although its a fixed term contract for one year, it is a job after all. All the usual things, am i authorised to work here checks and then a drive around to see how my driving fares. Now the worst part, waiting for an answer.


Not that keen on doing nights but once in a while I'll dabble. Had to go to Saxon Trading Estate last night, nice and windy road with loads of pot holes leading in and boy was the estate packed with lorries. Seems like most of the UK's fleet was parked up there. Then the work started, firstly a 7.5T to collect some stuff from BA, then had to collect 2 12T from DAF, then take a trailer to a park yard and collect another. First time I've driven a Foden (basically a DAF) and pulled a container. Got to admit that the trailer yard wasn't in the best of health, loads of huge holes filled with water and almost pitch dark. Back in the yard and went in a van to collect the rest of the stuff from BA, still not ready. Must have driven almost every type of a vehicle they had in one night.


Hacked off or what, had a booking for the whole week but this morning the client cancelled it. Annoyed a bit as I turned down other work, not so sure if I'm going to accept a weekly booking for them from now on.


Cracking duty yesterday, started in Langley then on to Gloucester then to Daventry and Twickenham and back to Langley. As I haven't been to the Gloucester & Daventry depots it was kind of interesting to see how good the directions were. Would you believe it they were spot on. On my way back on the M1 had to sit waiting for an accident to be cleared, looked pretty bad as loads of ambulances, fire engines and police were whizzing past on the hard shoulder. When we eventually got going managed to have a look and it did look bad, one car was on its roof looking like it went through a mangle, hope the driver/passengers were OK. Managed to get finished with a hefty 30min overtime to my credit.