Keeping Fit

As a keen runner myself I do understand that people wish to keep fit and do run in some strange places. This however takes some beating, on my way to Jubilee MC early Tuesday morning (01:00) I noticed something very peculiar. The was someone actually jogging on the hard shoulder of the M25, just before the M4 Junction, as there were no cars on the hard shoulder before and after the junction I can only assume that this madman decided to use this road for his early morning run. There are ways to commit suicide and this has to be one of the most innovative one I've seen.


They've done it again, closed of a major entry to the M25 and not bothered to put up any matrix signs. Only on the slip road is there any information that the entry to the M25(S) is closed, yet there are loads of signs that the Hammersmith Flyover is closed, surely it would be to drivers advantage is they replaced a few of those signs with more up to date info, such like closed exits. The Highways Agency seems to be unable to their job, what;s the point of them being there.


Oh man, what a difference, no wind coming back to Heathrow last night. The trailer actually followed me instead trying to overtake.


Some serious wind last night, the trailer had a mind of its own for most of the journey. I hate those warning sounds on the DAF, the unit decided to tell me every few seconds that the EBS was not playing correctly, and the sound was driving me mad . Had the radio turned up, cotton wool in my ears and I still heard it. On the way back the wind got a bit worse, could see the spray being blown across the other carriageway on the M1 and is the open spaces it was damn hard to keep in a straight line. Roll on tonight.


Cracking trip up the M1 yesterday, all that wind howling about. At one point my trailer was almost in the middle lane. Lugging an empty trailer is definitely fun, much better when the thing has some weight in it. At least it was dry on the way back and no snow (yet)