On a day trip to Belgium this week we were waiting our turn to board the ferry to Dunquerke having arrived a bit early. When the ferry arrived and began disgorging its load from France I out of curiosity started watching the lorry's as they came off. Loads of them but one major thing missing, not a single one was from the UK. No British plates on an lorry, loads of Polish, Lithuanian, German, etc. What is going on with our Gov't, all this foreign traffic coming in and I wonder how many have 'paid' to use our roads.


Olympics over, what am I going to watch now. Seriously though now can they remove those daft lanes that almost nobody used and let us continue driving like it was before.


Nice that the school.s out and some people are on their hols, makes driving on the M24 & M1 almost surreal. Having said that there are exceptions, last night coming back to the depot between J117 & J16 on the M25 I was happily minding my own business when I spied a lost tyre or what's left of it on the on ramp (j17) then in the distance a tipper artic was crawling slowly in the inside lane. when I got closer to it i noticed why, one of his near side trailer tyres wasn't there, the man was tugging a trailer on a rim with sparks flying. If he didn't see the sparks in his mirror then he's bloody blind, surely that's dangerous.