What a week, had Monday of and then Tuesday was sprung on me. A few deliveries and then a quick trip to Whitney to swap trailers. Not bad I thought, picked out a route but as plans go it went astray. Almost half way down the A415 when a sign appears, 18T restriction and having a fully laden artic i think i was just a tad over that. No choice but to turn back and use the A40, A34, M4 and a few local roads to get back. At last back in the yard at 18:00, bloody long day.

Yesterday and today as it turned out weren't bad except at the end of today when i turn up at my last drop at 12:30 and get told, 'sorry, can't unload you till 14:00'. Then there is the usual shift change so finally I get tipped at around 14:30. Still not bad, got home when it was still light.


Been down the South Coast for the past few weeks and couldn't help noticing the 'Think Bike' signs everywhere. I think it should go both ways, look out for bikers and they should ride with decency and caution. A large number of them ride like demented idiots and endanger not only their lives but ours. Loads of them zoom in and out of lanes, between cars and generally think that they own the road. Woe and betide anyone who dares to try to show them they are wrong. I think that those 2 wheeled morons should be taken behind the bushes and given a sever slapping. Usually if a bike comes into contact with a lorry it's not a pretty sight, but it seems that it's always the lorry drivers fault. No matter how badly the bike rider was behaving/riding, after all they are not immune to being stupid.


Driving around Bognor Regis on Friday I noticed this strange contraption on my way back. Hadn't a clue what it was till I got closer to it, oh cripes it's Butliz, sorry Butlins. Nice hotel style building with this domed building next to it, no chance of seeing the rest as the hedge was a bit high and had to flow with the traffic. Glad to be out of the area early in the morning as the Goodwood Speed Revival was on and the traffic was beginning to build up, saw some wicked cars on the road though.


What is is with people pulling out in front of lorries from parking places on dual carriageway. Twice in 2 days someone in a 'small' car decided to pull out and then come to a grinding halt and then crawl at 20mph. Don't they realise the danger or do they just want to cause an accident and claim some money. There should be signs telling them that a minimum speed must be adhered to.


What is it with people who own Golf GTI's or should I say boy racers. Today they just couldn't wait to try and undercut me as i was going round the roundabout. It seems that the A27 and the surrounding areas are just the thing to have a race. 'Got to be in front of the lorry' syndrome is another thing, going through Bramley a moped rider just couldn't wait to pass me and then slow down to a 30mph speed.


Been way down south Coast and in the wilds of Dorset all last week, so when returning to the localish drops I decided that Rownhams services will be the stop of choice. Don't fancy lay byes, some are so bloody small that when cars pass you end up wearing your lunch. On Thursday I saw a sight in the services that made me laugh. A number of Polish lorries were loading up trailers on to trailers, looked like a easyish job but the way these boys were going at it it was taking them absolute ages. Had a good watch for most of my break and drove off. Next day they were still there, having taken over a sizable chunk of the parking area.


Appalling weather today on the roads, on the M3 down towards Southampton and I noticed a serious accident between J6 & J7. A lorry carrying concrete slabs and I think 2 or 3 cars were involved, couldn't see much as I went past there were a lot of emergency vehicles in attendance. Got to admit that even at a cursory glance it looked pretty bad, the central barrier was bent out of shape in a bad way and all day the radio kept reporting that the South bound M3 is slow due to the barrier repairs. hope it wasn't a fatal accident.


Getting used to driving in Dorset and Hampshire, been down there almost every day for the last 2 weeks. All they need to do is to give us more parking spaces on the 'A' roads, spent ages trying to find one yesterday and unfortunately had a 4 minute over on my driving time. With luck it should be OK but still I don't like infringements, messes up your whole day.


Bloody hell what a drive, I think it must have been one of those magical drives. Started with Eastleigh then to Wimbourne then Wincanton then Andover and finished off in Winchester. All together 402km for the day, lovely scenery in Dorset and Somerset but the roads are something else. The steam Rally didn't help as a few roads were closed just for them, minor detour to Wincanton and then on to A303, loads of tourists at Stonehenge paying their £6.40 to see the stones, amazing things though as they've been there for absolutely thousands of years. Feel absolutely knackered after today.


Got to admit that of all the drops today Salisbury was the best, not in the tightness of roads and low bridges but the beauty of the city is fab. I was stationed in Larkhill in my Army days so a Saturday foray to Salisbury was the norm and in those days Michael Snell's was the place to have a coffee and a slice of gateaux. Absolutely fantastic cakes, all hand made and piping fresh, to be honest a thought of parking up outside and having a slice did spring to mind today. Well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity