Not much to post lately but yeterday few things got me thinking.
  • On my way to work on the M25 things were a bit slow with cars and lorries jockeying for position, eventually I found out why. a person of a certain heritage was crawling along in the second lane at a paltry speed of 40mph (quite possibly 45mph). Then as I came of the J14 to cut through Colnbrook to get to a BP petrol station another person of the same heritage realised that they went down the wrong road and decided to REVERSE up the road and reverse onto the roundabout. For crying out loud where do they get their licenses from, Corn Flakes packet. We all have a 'senior' day once in a while but this is a regular occurrence.


New route all signed for and did my first shift yesterday. Not bad except a few hang about times. Feeling a bit knackered today so we'll have to see how it all feels at the end of the week.


Oh its so good to have the 'old' unit back again. Last night I had the 'pleasure' of driving my old unit. Drove this unit for few months and got to know the quirky things about it and to get my hands on it yesterday made my day.


All change please, the anual changeover is all but done and me being so far down the pecking order I didn't hope for a decent shift. Although I've been doing a good one for the past few weeks and had hopes of keeping it but another more senior driver got his hands on it. So I now have a 2 week split shift.
It will be interesting to see how long I can hang on before I'm so knackered I'll need either a change or some holiday. Vast majority is motorway driving so it shouldn't be that knackering.


An eventful time on the M3, J13

 A big thank you to the driver of the Container Artic who decided to come up my inside and then try to bully another lorry driver in the inside lane to go faster. Then the same donkey decides that he wants to be in my lane and after indication starts to move across, what he forgot to do was to look in his mirror and see that his trailer wheels were just about level with my cab and he almost wiped me out at 50pmh, after a blast on the horn and a stomp on my brakes he moved across and in the process showed me his appriciation with a hand gesture.

Donkeys like him need to be taken of the road before they kill someone.


Rant & Rave about Sky

A few months ago we decided to upgrade to Sky+, the installers came and did their stuff but had a few things to do to get this how they say it. Unknown to me (they decided without even bothering to ask me) to cut one of the cables coming from my Digital Ariel. This cable feed the upstairs TV which at that time we didn't have working as the old set decided to stop working, so I didn't pay any attention to seeing if the set was receiving any transmission. Few days ago we decided to purchase a small TV for the bedroom, so unpacked and pluged it. Then the auto tune statred, No Signal was flashing on the TV screen, what the hell is going on. I had a look in the atic to see if all the cables were OK and then called the chap who installed our Arelial.

He came round today to have a look and did the same thing, had a look in the atic first of all to see if the cables were OK, all was fine. He then began to look outside and guess what he found. The Sky installers had cut the cable, neatly tucked in to the hole to make sure I didn't notice anything wrong, then carried on as nothing had happened. I called Sky and tried to complain but the initial contact was somewhere in India and the guys English was so bad that i couldn't understand him and he was repeating everuthing that i said. When I eventually got through to a UK based service they (SKY) were NOT interested. Oh no it couldn't have been anyone from SKY and we are NOT going to help you out in any way. Write to us and we'll put this on a pile and eventually you'll forget about this.

So now I'm going to take Legal action as what they did was Malicious and Wilful Damage to my property, I did try to come to some arrangement with the 'Manager' but as usual he was reading from a script and just wasn't prepared to do anything.