Nice and foggy on the M1 tonight, one of these days there will be no bloody cones on this road and no lane closures. There has to be a limit to these roadworks


A Jag E Type in absolutely mint condition passed me on the A419, not many of them about these days.
Had one of the new(11plate) MAN yesterday, got to admit that compared to the 57 plate it was really good to drive. The wobbly feeling in the cab and the not being able to get comfortable feeling has gone. Nice and firm steering and very responsive, as usual the bed was judge and comfortable.


Coventry, Nottingham & Derby today, lets hope that road out of the airport is nice and easy today. Whoever designed that place must have been smoking some powerful stuff that day, one road in and out leading to a major A road with 2 roundabouts.


Bloody cold here in Norwich, loads of snow flurries on the way here, amazingly the biggest was on the m25
Strange being back at work after 2 weeks off. Glad I didn't have the longer trailer today, a few days of getting back into swing of things will be great