Something different for a change, going to work on Tuesday as usual ambling along on the M25 and kind of watching out for the new Airbus as it's amazing to see it take off. I saw this giant four engined cigar coming in to land, wheels down and all that lot. then all of a sudden the wheels go up so does the nose and the plane aborts its landing. First time I saw something like that at Heathrow unless the pilot realised he was landing at the wrong airport.


Crawling along through the roadworks on the M1, I love that part of the road. Amazing thing is that there seems to be very few places that are actually being worked on and why keep closing the lanes at around 22:00 every night when no one is doing any work. Roll on when they are finished, if it ever happens.


Happily driving along the M1 last Friday, the unit was set with the cruise control at 56mph. a Scania was slowly creeping past me and all was well, or so I thought. Saw a blur in the nearside wide angle mirror and as I glanced to see what was going on a white van flew past me on the hard shoulder. I mean he flew past, must have been doing about 80+, after a few choice words were muttered I saw the van take the next exit which was about half a mile ahead. What's wrong with the outside lane I wonder and what was the hurry.