Unreal, tried to top up early this morning as I had a quarter of a tank left and couldn't find any local garages with fuel. The BP close to work had fuel but the queues were horrendous so I decided to fill up close to home. The only place that had anything was Tesco and I don't like their fuel as it doesn't last as long as it should but beggars can't be choosers. This is getting a bit silly in my opinion.


The Budget & Price of Diesel

Well, what a surprise, good old George doesn't think we all need for the Fuel Duty and VAT to be cut so he has conveniently left things as they are. This no doubt includes the proposed increase later on in the year. I used to vote Conservative but no more, this budget is absolutely useless for me and will leave me worse off. The car is something that we do need but the only time it gets used is for me to got to work and go shopping, can't afford to do anything else with the price of diesel. As I have the UK Fuel thingy on my satnav I'm constantly looking for cheaper ways to fill up, will not use supermarkets fuel. Found out that it does quicker as the additives are much more prevalent and the MPH suffered at the same time there was serious smoke coming out of the exhaust when the car was started


Highway Robbery

Had to go to London this morning to do some personal stuff. We decided to go by train as I didn't fancy coughing up for the congestion charge. Then the bombshell hit at the rail station, £7.50 for parking and £49.80 for 2 travel cards. highway robbery, no wonder people don't want to use the trains. This price was the Off Peak fare as well.


Typical, a tiny amount of fog or very low cloud and every man jack decides to put on their fog lights. Even when the is no fog they keep them on conveniently blinding everyone behind and totally oblivious to that.


Holidays over and back to work, felt weird driving a rig. Just couldn't get comfortable in the seat, suppose I got used to being at home and driving something much smaller. Now to get back into swing of things and back to the old routinf.