One of the places that I go to collect mail, bit tight sometimes to get in due to cars being parked up all over the shop. This is a reverse to a point and then get loaded up with a forklift, this time I had to back on to a bay without 'moving' their rubbish bins, not bad managed to do it in one. Wonder if I can repeat that again when the time comes.


Two weeks of doing absolutely nothing, don't have to think about vehicle checks and coupling up for 14 days


Few pics from A417 near Air Balloon pub heading towards Gloucester


Driving back home early this morning was something of a game, driving with one eye on the thermometer to see if it drops below 0 degrees and then adjust my driving to compensate for possible ice. As luck would have it it stayed just above freezing, didn't fancy slipping and sliding all the way home. Les hope that tonight's trip to Norwich is just as trouble free.
So far so good, snow at home but not so bad here (J18-M1). As long as it stays above freezing I'll be fine


Few pics from the past week

1) M1 on Tuesday morning
2-4) A11 & A47 junction on Tuesday night
4) the road to our depot, entrance is through that gap on the right



Car driven by a woman of a certain Ethnic origin. Car absolutely covered in snow exception to the rule is the windscreen which had the wipers turned on just to clear the snow so that she can see. Headlights also covered in thick snow and guess what she is driving at night.

Slight Squeeze

Amazing where you have to get the trailer into to get mail