An interesting day, started my day weep ting to do a duty that would have been easier than my usual one. Having got to our depot in W London I began to load up, then when the time came to raise the deck bugger all happened. I thought that the power was gone so plugged in the Anderson lead and still,sweet bugger all. Then the hydraulics light came on in the trailer warning panel, oh bugger this looks serious, looking around the trailer I noticed that it was sitting a bit low so a further inspection was deemed to be in order. The bloody thing had settled on the tyres, mud guards were resting on the back axle tyres, not good. Started it up to get some air and nothing, no air in the trailer system, called the breakdown and when he arrived he couldn't do anything. A more knowledgable mechanic was called and he arrived when I was going home as this had dragged beyond my duty time so he has by now fixed it, as all was left at the depot they should organise the recovery of the unit and trailer back to our yard. Not bad in 9 hours I managed to drive all of 33km.


Loads of room to overtake so indicate and start to move into the middle lane, the prat in a car about 400yds back decides that he needs to be ahead of me and floors it. At this time I'm in the middle lane, as he goes past I get the usual blast on the horn and hand gestures


On the M3 this morning, unit towing a horse box, must be a very heavy horse


Bloody Highways bods do it again, close a few exits of the M25 and put up signs two junctions away. Someone in that mob needs to go on a planning course and soon. Not many places to take a 16ft high and 50ft long trailer through


Interesting driving on the M25 today, the amount of spray was unreal, and then the fun really began when I had to take one of our oversized trailers into London. Got used to it but some of the drivers around Hanger Lane still get a rude awakening when they see that back end come round so fast.


Dozy Howdens crane driver, as we were passing an accident on the on ramp of the M4 this prat is on my outside. My unit is half way down his lorry when the moron indicates and starts to come over into my lane, sharp step on the brakes and he almost takes out my unit, carries on like nothing has happened, almost caused another pileup, absolute wanker


On the M1 tonight and it felt like every Sid that had a car with a doggy headlight was on that road. How do they get away with it, if we as much as have a marker light out the Police come down on us like a ton of bricks


Weird, so used to coming to our depots when it's dark that when I arrived here in Norwich when it was still light I could see all the bits that the night masked up. Loads of deer in the fields.