UK Truck Net

For the last few days the site has been unavailable, no server connection. What has happened to it I wonder.


When I was going to work this morning I noticed that the car in front was leaking something from under the engine/radiator. Flashed my lights, beeped the horn to try and get the drivers attention, even tried to tell him something was wrong when alongside his car. All I got for my troubles was 'the finger'. Fair play mate, when your engine blows up you might remember that another driver was trying to get your attention.


Been driving up to Kings Cross each day, twice daily to be precise. Not a bad journey till you get to Edgware Road Flyover, trying to join a lane is almost impossible and then just going in a straight line without getting something or someone under your wheels is a feat in itself. Amazing how many taxis, mini cabs, pedestrians try to commit suicide by cutting up a lorry or just stepping up in front of it. Got to stay on the mirrors and if you take your eye off them someone or something will no doubt creep into your blind zone. Staying awake and on top of things is something that you have to keep on top of.


Well I am now Level D trained, spent 8 hours being taught what to look for and all other things associated with Airline security.