Ah, holidays, shorts & flipflops. The only thing is that I can't have a lie-in for the next few days, getting the house redecorated and the decorators are in at 8am each morning.


Now that the roadworks have been moved up a few miles on the M1 it is almost a pleasure driving between that stretch, notice I said almost a pleasure The M1 is just that kind of a road.
What gives, the M25 was brimming with Police cars today. There was a Van on one of the bridges and had cameras pointing on to the road and a few marked card a few hundred yards up the road, ready to do their business. Looks like a ANPR thingy.


This is unreal, our main road must be the most dug up road in the UK. They just can't get things in order, two weeks ago they were digging part of it up and now they are digging up the same part again. Further down there is another set of roadworks, this is like being on the M1. Roadworks everywhere, how difficult would it be to coordinate things and dig up one hole for all.