I think that statement says it all, one in particular, got his details and I think it is about time that DVLA was informed of the standard of his driving or severe lack of them


Ah the joys of a new, well newish unit. Had to swap my unit as the mileage was getting a bit high and to be honest I'm much more happy with the one that I've got now. Just for once i can adjust the seat how I want it to be and it's much more comfortable, no more aching legs when I get out of the cab. It has also got a bit more guts than the old one even though the HP is the same (410bhp). As long as the AC works, which it does I'm happy, the only thing is wrong with it that the seat can't be locked and it bounces up and down.


What gives here, almost every day this happens. When people approach a speed camera why do they insist of slowing down to 10mph below the speed limit and causing a traffic jam. FFS it won't go off if you go past it at the set speed.


Few days ago as I was driving to my drop I came out of the Euston Tunnel and as usual ground to a halt. Then something caught my eye, on the pavement a person wearing a full length ball gown with matching elbow length gloves and a tiara along with a curly blond hairdo was walking towards Euston Station. What the hell I thought, what is she up to, then the bomb shell, the person turned around and although they were wearing dark glasses the unmistakable features of a MAN appeared. Got to admit that he had 'balls' in more ways than one for wearing all that stuff, gave me a good laugh and made my day.