That is the speed we're governed by, apart from the possible fuel savings I have no idea as to why it would be set at that. Going down the M23 at al I was being passed by everyone including a granny in an old and battered car. Just makes the journey a bit more hazardous I think, more chance of falling asleep due to sheer boredom. I would be most interested to see how things compare to a 49.5mph & 55mph settings. Who would actually be better of.


Alright so I took a wrong turning, went straight on to be precise. Had to go about a mile to be able to turn around. Good job it was only a small lorry otherwise there could have been problems. Delivered to this store in Fulham and got to admit that these flats were impressive. They had just been finished and looked just the ticket, asked one of the builders if he knew the prices and somehow I wasn't surprised. A mere studio the size of a box room is going for a paltry £180k, the Penthouse a cool £7.5M. Sorry mate not this week, maybe next week when I win the Lottery.


Now I've delivered to some strange and awkward places but nothing like this. When I got my delivery schedule this morning I had a quick chat with the shunter and he warned me about this drop. Having used to live around portobello Road in the 70's, I was quite happy do go back to my old stomping ground. When I finally got to the place, I parked up and went to the store to tell the staff that I've arrived, on the way I looked at the delivery point and boy it sure did come up to the warning standard. The biggest problem was how to avoid the pedestrians and the cars, it didn't take me as much effort as I expected to reverse into the 'hole'. Then the lining up with the dock leveler came into play, someone designed this for a wehicle without mirrors.


On my way back from Andover last night I was happily plodding along the M3 @ 50mph (still puzzles me why its set at that) when I come up to a junction. There is a BOC tanker half way down the ramp, now I can't move over as there is another artic half way down my trailer so have to hold my speed since there are cars behind me. this prat from BOC decides to come across (not even bothering to indicate), there is absolutely nothing I can do so I keep to my speed and line. As the slip road ends he just decides to slow down and flashes his lights in displeasure at me. What the hell does he think this is, what was I supposed to do, slow down and possibly cause an accident, he is joining the motorway so the correct rules apply. Wish I'd have taken hos number so that his TM could have a few words with him.


Coming back from Bognor Regis very late on Thursday I was sort of looking forward to getting to the A3 as it ment that in an hour or so I'd be back in the yard and on my way home to bed. All of a sudden without any warning the dreaded cones appear, and about 1 mile before the junction that I need. No choice but to exit the now closed A27 and with luck get back on as I was hoping that it was just the bridge that was worked on. Guess again, all the ramps closed, no diversion signs, so how the hell do I get to the A3. Stumble to the next roundabout and thank god a sign, driving through a residential area I wondered how many people would be less than impressed about lorries coming through there when they are trying to sleep. Would have been nice if the Highways mob put up some sort of signs further down to warn us, why bother.


I think that on Saturday I will have to invest in a crow bar, some of the places that I've had to squeeze a trailer are unreal. Am glad that it was only a 10m trailer with rear steer, hate to see what would have been the outcome if I had a full size one. Driving in London is definitively something that requires suicidal tendencies, especially at night when all the cyclists & bikers come out to play.


Fulham, Chelsea & White City, nice and small shops to deliver to. The only thing is that you have to have eyes in the back of your head or a swivel head. Pedestrians everywhere and the vast majority are oblivious to the lorry that is either trying to turn into the car park or reverse into the delivery area. Add night time delivery and it becomes much more interesting. Haven't been to those parts of London for ages & ages, my old stomping ground when I was growing up in London.


God that was knackering, went up to Sutton Coldfield last night on a trunk. The unit was something else, even though it was a 58 plate the steering controls were not peachy. Had to fight with it to keep it in a straight line, all the way there and back, came back with aching arms and a stiff neck. Reported it and with luck I'll have a different one tonight as I won't drive that one tonight.


Yesterday I had the experiance of delivering to a few stores for a well known supermarket. First one wasn't that bad, just off the A217 with a decent back area. Had to hang about for a bit as the backdoor man was a bit flushed. Then back for a break and a new trailer for a second delivery. This one was a bit more difficult as it involved driving through Ealing Broadway and avoiding the 'blind' pedestrians who insist on trying to step out in front of you even when the lights are on green. Got to the point and then the drive into the basement began, bloody tight at the entrance, then a nice and wide turning and then back on to the dock. Nice 12 hour day.

Today I didn't even make it in, the M3 was at a standstill, when finally I got going the J11 on the M25 was queuing so went to J10 and wished i didn't. A queue for about 1 mile just to get of and then the same queue to get to the next exit for Weighbridge. Total standstill, sat in this infernal queue for about 2 hours and finally decided that enough is enough. When I finally managed to turn around I wasn't in the best of moods. Managed to get home at around 1115, not bad since I left at 7am.  Drove around for the best part of 5hours and achieved absolutelly nothing except wasting diesel.


Ah glorious Wembley, twice in one day. Had to deliver a shed load of estate agent leaflets to this binding company. No way would it all have fitted on the lorry as the weight was just a bit much so 2 trips were called for. On the second trip there was such a delicious smell of curry wafting from somewhere on the trading estate that it made me very hungry. Had already planned what to have for dinner (other half working) but after this the decision of a curry was a definitive Yes.


That's it, the assessment is over and done with, quite a long one to be precise. DSA Theory Test then two reverses (loads of room & bloody tight) then a shortish trip to a store to drop of some goodies. Had to hand pick a large number of Coke bottles as the pallet decided it wouldn't stay upright when it was taken of the tail lift. Glad it was only a 13m trailer, any longer and there would have been a slight problem spinning the unit & trailer in this loading area. Return to the yard and do final documentation, sign a few forms and have my photo taken and then home.


Good job I had a puddle jumper today otherwise it would have been very interesting to deliver to these places. At the same time I would have made some serious alterations to the town centres and the local scenery. Got to admit that Milford, Liss, Petersfield & Pullborough are gorgeous towns but some places are just so tight that a crow bar is an essential piece of equipment. Have this duty for the rest of the week and I plan to enjoy driving on country roads and looking at the scenery.