Three days, three different units and guess what, the bloody AC didn't work in any of them. The worst day was Saturday, almost cooked in the cab, driving down the M25, M23 and the A40 with the windows wide open trying to say sort of cool, weighing down the paperwork to make sure it didn't fly out of the window. Going past Ace Cafe I was amazed to see so man bikers there, some looked like they could do with going through the car wash.


So much for my theory, half term and I thought that there might me a bit less traffic on the M25, guess I was wrong


What a day, if there is a good thing to be said about the M25 then I would welcome it. Stuck in a huge jam going to Gatwick and back to London. Then once more going to Feltham, sick and tired of driving today


Loads of Aston's today on the M25, must be the warm weather. Nice classic one with a few of the new style


Amazing, managed to get to J18 on the M1 and back again without any roadworks and lane closures(that was on Tuesday night)


Lovely weather tonight, makes me wonder where the Spring went and did Summer follow it


Bad smash on the M25 J15-16, took ages just to get on to the slip road onto the M4 and then the usual crawl to the M25, saw the cars when I went past them, he'll of a mess.