Olympic Lanes, what a stupid idea. as London is congested enough this daft idea just puts more strain on the system. On the A406 they operate between 08;00 to 20:000, on the A4 after the elevated section they end at 20:00. What gormless prat decided that on one side of the road they should be placed on the inside lane and on the other side in the outside lane. This is just as welcome as John Prescott's bus lane on the M4.


Looks like some delivery co's are seeking the better looking driver. Passed a Wisseman lorry today on the M1 and it was driven by a very nice looking blonde, looks like a few good looking women have joined the industry.


Ah the glorious Olympic Lanes, had the pleasure of driving in one last night. Now what happens when that lane is the lane I need to use to go in a specific direction. Don't fancy a fine or any other silly things, need to explore this matter a bit further.