You pack it and I'll move it. Had a job for a large removals company, had to offload a lorry load of boxes at this Army base, bloody hard graft but it never hurt anybody. The main thing was that we were well supplied with tea and coffee whilst the offloading took part, then a quick trip to Romford and home. Something different but enjoyable.


Night shift last night, up to Birmingham and back to Slough with a trailer load of parcels, computers, etc. Can't believe it took me an hour in a queue just to get tipped, for a Monday it was a mess up there. There were wagons flying everywhere with shunters taking up so much room and plonking their wagons in the most awkward places so that it was almost impossible to get on to a bay. Took me 2 hours longer than it did last time I did this route, bloody knackered even after 6 hours of sleep.

Must admit that being n the M40 at night is something to behold, last night as usual a CityLink wagon went past like a bat out of hell, must have been late for something. One thing puzzled me, got overtaken by the same Dutch wagon 3 times and didn't see him pull in or leave the motorway at any places, a Phantom lorry delivering flowers. Just what I needed on the way back, a sigh stating 'M40 Closed between J4 & J3', just as I had decided to try and make up some time (if possible). Luckily they were just removing the cones when I got to J4 and happily I sailed on to J2 when a side a road to Slough had to be taken.


Quick job for UK Mail, take a trailer load of mail to the RM office in Hounslow and then bring back empties. No problem, turned up at 09:45 only to be told by security that i have to wait outside till 10:00 as that is my time slot. Had a quick break and on the bay, unload, load up and ready to go. Have to admit that some people at RM make their job more difficult than it is, had a cage full of mailbags so asked if we could swap. I give them the full cage and in return i get one of their empty ones, 'no can do, you have to unload it'. Surely that makes more work when a simple swap would be enough. Back in the yard and had to park up all the rigids and tractor units in the warehouse as this being Slough things might go astray, so I was informed.


Had a strange run on Wednesday, not that I do many Rigid jobs but once in a while why not. Delivering car parts to 2 garages, bloody posh garages if I might mention. On the way to the second one I got a call to collect a few cages from a small garage, as they haven't got any room. Small isn't the word, and a 'few' cages turned out to be a full lorry's worth. The best thing was that on the way back the road that I drove on has got a 'Not suitable for HGV's' sign and it would be the way that I need to go through. It wasn't there on the way to the garage as I would have noticed it, bit difficult to miss those signs. Not wanting to risk a stop and a spotfine I decided that a slight detour round the Surrey countryside had to be made, made it back to the yard with 1 minute to spare on my driving time, just didn't fancy stopping in Bracknell for my 45 minute break especially if it was just yards from the yard.


First Module of my CPC

First day of the dreaded 'must have' training. To be quite blunt and honest it's a absolute waste of time, money and effort. Teaching grandma to suck eggs springs to mind. The topics covered are all there every time you do an induction at work and as most of us have common sense why go through this crap. Apart from earning the Government huge amount of money there is absolutely no reason to do this garbage, have to do one more this year to keep up with the required hours till 2014. With some luck this will be scrapped but I’m not planing to hold my breath. Waste of my time and today has cost me in the region of £200, module, upload fee, lost earnings and of course fuel to the course location.


Drivers Periodic CPC

This Government's gimmick has now got me really hacked off, not only is it trying to teach us stuff that we already know but it's costs are much more damning. I'm booked for my first lesson tomorrow and not only is it going to cost me an amount of money it also has cost me a days work as I had to turn down 3 offers from agencies asking me to work tomorrow. I do hope that these idiots who thought this CPC crap up get up and smell the roses. So my cost for this stupidity is £50 CPC plus upload fee and a days wages of approximately £100 oh and of course the fuel to get to it. This is something that at the moment I can not afford to loose but what choice do I have.

Essex and Back

Tilbury and Canvey Island today, but it almost didn't happen. Turned up this morning and the guy in the yard looked a bit surprised. The Artic driver came and went at 06:30 are you sure you're supposed to be here. Then he gets on the blower to his boss and informs him that I’m there so I contact my lot to see what is going on, 'hang on and we'll call you right back'. Sat about for almost an hour thinking that I could be in bed as the agency told me that I'd get paid anyway, as there seems to be something afoot. Then I'm asked if i would do a 18T job as the driver that is supposed to be there called in sick. No probs, details (sketchy) were passed on, keys and fuel card in my hands and off I go. Collected 20+ cages full of goods for Co-Op and the first drop is in Tilbury, bloody hell its a small place (apart from the docks). Signs are not that good either as a sign by a roundabout told me that I can't go where I need to as it's a 7.5T only, but I saw artics coming down that road. What the hell lets go, I thought could always play ignorant if the need arises. First lot done without any hassle and then to Canvey Island, some places are just unreal to deliver to. Had to offload 2 cages at a time and the manager then shipped them upstairs, that took almost an hour.

Bloody hell I'm going to get stuck in the traffic on the M25 if I don't get a move on. This being my first day back to work after being of with the Flu I was absolutely drenched in sweat after finishing this last job, gulped down a bottle of water like there was no tomorrow. Back home in amazingly good time and I think that a pint is well deserved.


What a week, don't know what's worse 25 drops in a rigid or a week in bed with Flu. Be glad to get out of the house next week when this lurgy goes away


Done and dusted, this week that is. It has been a strange week, from doing small bits to proper driving. Today's work was for Royal Mail, shuttle between Langley and their outhouse sorting warehouse. Few trips to and from to a grand total of 19 miles and a loads of yorks with mail and empty mail bags. Must admit that it was enjoyable driving a DAF again.


Spot on day, got loaded up and went to Gatwick Mail Centre, tiped and reloaded with empties and back to Iver. In the yard by 12:30 and unloaded and on my way home by 13:30. Chuffed with today, easiest day so far for weeks and the earliest finish as well. Need to do a bit of R&R as starting to feel a bit ill and can't afford to be off for a long time.

Still no confirmation on the rates for Wincanton.


Assessed and inducted into Wincanton in Feltham, doing a contract for Sainsburys. Kind of a mixture of wagons, older Volvo Rigids and Newer Merc Actros. The only thing that I haven't got a clue is the hourly rate, need to find out tomorrow or at least before I start on Monday.


That's it a favour done and no more 7.5T work. Two days running around like a blue ars## fly is enough for anyone. Trying to get through Central London and East London is a nightmare. It's all done and dusted and no more looking over my shoulder for those suicidal bikes and pedestrians who seem hell bent on trying to land under the wheels of a lorry.
Would you believe it, 2 jobs in one day and both on a 7.5T wagons.

First one was for a Events company, took a load of glasses and stuff to Battersea Power Station for some posh do, it was all supposed to be loaded at 8am but as usual it wasn't so I had to help out and load up. Told the man in charge that I had to be back there at midday to collect my car as I had to be elsewhere for 1pm. Left Battersea at 12:30, and believe me I’ll never get into a car driven by a Frenchman again, his driving was terrible, felt sick all the way from his constant jumping. Glad to get out of the car and get into mine.

The second job was to deliver/collect laundry from hotels in London, bloody heavy work lugging all that linen about. Wouldn't have minded it but the clutch on this wagon kept playing up and it was damn hard trying to change gears. The best thing was that the drivers mate left me and went home after the last drop. In the middle of East London, find your way back he says. Just go down this road, turn left and you’re on Streatham high street. Didn’t mention anything about closed roads and diversions. Well pissed off when I got back, told the agency all about this and pulled out of this job, will do it tonight so as not to drop them in it but that's it for this client.


Went for an interview for a temp with a possibility of a perm job. Had a chat with one of the management and then the other chap that I was originally supposed to see came in and the usual thing commenced. What did you do and where/when, after explaining my experience and telling them how I do things and what I wouldn't do if I found a problem I got a feeling that they were trying to put me off the job. Their attitude and behaviour just seemed strange and kind of cold and calculated, no enthusiazm in getting me to feel comfortable. Things like ' the lorry costs over £200.000, it is pressurised and it might go Bang' were mentioned, scare tactics?. Just couldn't read their faces and get a 'warm and fuzzy' feeling. The job is OK, not something that I'd shy away from and after the training (which they are offering) it would be OK to do on my own. Walked away from the interview with a feeling that all is not as it's supposed to be and not sure if I'll even get the chance to try this job.


Good start to the day, turned up at 06:30 and waited till 08:30 before setting of, Dunstable and Milton Keynes. Happily going along the road when a roundabout came up, nothing coming from the front so I’m half way across when this numpty of a darker skin comes flying from the left and just goes round to my right. Didn’t slow down nor stop, had his iPod plugged in and listening to some music, prats like those cause accidents and just ignore them. If I could have caught him he would be missing a few teeth and have a slight facial rearrangement. Done with the deliveries and managed to get home for 4:30, earliest I've finished on a Friday for a long time, time to unwind and relax for the weekend.


I won't do this route in a hurry ever again, had to go to Northampton this morning and then to Cranford to do a collection. Must have had a senior moment as I decided to go the M11 way instead of just going down the M25 (Dartford) when the turning from M1 came up. All was well till I came up to the end of M11 and my satnav told me that the bridge ahead was to low, should have looked more closely. The bridge in question was on a different route and not on mine, turned of and went through some seriously tight roads, got back on to A12 and followed the directions to the destination. Next time I’m going to stick to the motorways. Had thoughts of an early finish as I got to Cranford before midday, unloaded and went on to load up with the collection. Ha, famous last words 'We're off to lunch drive, see you in an hour'. That threw a spanner in the works, loaded and ready to go at 3pm, so much for an early finish.


Ashford, Twickenham & Wembley with shed load of paper and just for a change in a Rigid. The last one was a slight aggravation as it was almost impossible to find. Then i had to do some creative reversing as no one would give way, so had to sneak forward into a buss lane (shock, horror) and then when the hazards and reversing lights were on a bloody bus appears and plonks itself behind me. The driver wouldn't budge so I started to creep backwards and he sharpishly indicated and pulled out. I wonder if he took pictures with his on board camera and I’ll get a TFL fine. I’ll have to point out to those prats that I was reversing into a tight spot and had to position myself correctly and if the stupid driver moved or even backed up a bit things might have been a bit faster and easier.


Another Gripe

What gets my goat up more than tailgaters and people not indicating are prats in cars and lorries who insist on flying through roadworks at full pelt. Happily doing a tad below 50mph through some roadworks today (M25) when a vast majority of lorries came trundling through at more that the posted limit, is there a fire somewhere or is someone giving away free bacon butties. At one stage this idiot in a Merc lorry tried to pass me, he got really close to my tail end before realising that he couldn't get through as there was no room for two Artics side by side at that stretch of roadworks.


Monday's search

Had a quick look in a few agency's to see what's cooking localy, one is very quiet and the other has possibilities. Decided to pay a local transport firm a call to see if they are taking on drivers, only casual they said. Why not a casual job is better than nothing, name and address were supplied and with luck I might get something from them. No idea of the rates as the main man was in a meeting.